Thursday, May 10, 2007

Niners may play 4 ACC schools in hoops

The Charlotte 49ers could have the opportunity to play as many as four ACC schools next season.
Charlotte is already assured of two home games next season with Maryland and Wake Forest, with those games being played at Charlotte Bobcats Arena.
The 49ers also have the chance to play Georgia Tech, as both teams are scheduled in the eight-team Paradise Jams tournament in the U.S. Virgin Islands in November. The schedule for that tournament has not been set.
In the meantime, Charlotte is in the final stages of securing a home and away series with yet another ACC school, with the road game starting next season, sources confirm. And the ACC school has agreed to play the return game at Halton Arena.
Who is the fourth ACC school? I can't say yet but I offer one hint: This school has won a national championship in men's basketball.
So let the guessing begin. -- Jim Utter

UPDATE: The deal is still not yet done, but unfortunately I provided a slightly inaccurate clue as to the name of this school. My original clue was that the school has won an NCAA championship in men's basketball. Actually the school has won an NCAA championship, but not necessarily in men's basketball. Sorry for the confusion. There should be an answer soon.
Also, the pairings for the Paradise Jams tournament are expected any day. Stay tuned.


chris4niners!!! said...

Killer! About time!!!! Hopefully the 49ers will get more support in the uptown arena! Wonder if the National Campionship team game (home & home) will be at the Bobcats area to for more support by local community? To bad all the games aren't the follwing year when our top 15 ranking class develops more.


Ninerballin said...

I would bet the other team is Virgina

Chevee said...

Chris, it says that the 4th team has agreed to play in Halton... Which is awesome! A true home game! Sounds like good stuff Jim. Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Clemson becasue KC Rivers and Demontez Stitt are both from Charlotte area and the have to do something to upgrade their non-con schedule.

Anonymous said...

The ACC aint scared to play us no more....

Anonymous said...

I think every ACC has won a NCAA champ. in something. That's no clue.

My guess is Clempson.

Anonymous said...

Some ACC teams aren't scared to play us right now because we aren't very good.