Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Q&A: Leemire Goldwire

Leemire Goldwire, a rising senior with the Charlotte 49ers, returned to the Charlotte area this week after a summer visit to his home state of Florida.

Goldwire, the only full-time starter returning for the 49ers next season, made his debut Tuesday night at the Grady Cole Center playing in the Mecklenburg Park and Recreation/Jeff McInnis Summer League.

He struggled with his shot some and seemed a little uncomfortable launching 3-pointers utilizing the NBA 3-point line. He played on a team with former teammate De'Angelo Alexander and former 49ers 3-point ace Demon Brown.

Goldwire had his own cheering section Tuesday night, with wife, Lakin, and three-month-old son, Leemire Goldwire III. Lee Jr, also known as "Tray," seemed quite content in the noisy gym and did well for his first media interview, smiling the entire time (no words though).

I caught up with Goldwire for a few questions following his game Tuesday night.
Q: What have you been doing this summer?

Goldwire: Just a lot of working out and working on my overall game. I'm very, very excited about the start of the season. I can't wait. I'm really happy with the guys that we'll have. We can build toward a conference championship now; everybody gets along with each other.
Q: What kind of things are you doing now that you are back on campus?

Goldwire: We've been running. We've been playing pickup together, just playing together to try to get a feel for each other. I just got back so I haven't had the chance to see many of the new guys play. This was my first game and I plan on coming back a lot and watching everybody play.
Q: How's fatherhood?

Goldwire: Oh, it's great. He is talking a lot, and talking loud. He's not talking words but making a lot of noises. It's coming along good. We've had some long nights, but generally he's been pretty good. I've changed a lot of diapers and gotten a lot of bottles ready. I look at it as part of being a man and taking care of your family. They depend on me and I'm going to be there for them.
Q: A lot of new players coming in next season. A lot of other teams really won't know what you guys will have. Do you see that as an advantage?

Goldwire: I think it will be an advantage. I suspect a lot of teams will try to focus on me but we're going to have a lot of different options on offense. I think we are going to surprise a lot of people.


Justin Ritchie said...

I'm pumped about this season, Leemire is going to take us to the NCAA

Anonymous said...

.."the only full-time starter returning for the 49ers next season"

translation: the only player of any consequence returning to the Niners roster.

With that said, I do believe the team will be much better than the typical sports fan will give them credit for being.