Monday, August 25, 2008

W. Rowan's Sherrill visits Charlotte 49ers

K.J. Sherrill, ranked among the top high school seniors in North Carolina, made an unofficial visit to the Charlotte 49ers on Monday and said he was "very, very close" to making a decision on where he will play in college.

Sherrill, a 6-foot-7, 220-pound forward, who plays at West Rowan High, said the 49ers are at the top of his list. He is also being recruited by Georgia and Auburn.

"I like the coaches. I really like the players and I think I would fit in real well here," said Sherrill, who was named N.C. 3A first-team all-state last season by the Associated Press. "It's not too far from home but then again I would still be away from home.

"I like the way they play here. This team is very unselfish and that's what I like."

Sherrill was named second-team All-Observer as a junior and first-team all-Piedmont while averaging more than 19 points a game. He was recently named by basketball recruiting analyst David Telep as a "breakout player."

Sherrill is a cousin of Scooter Sherrill, a former star at West Rowan who played college basketball at N.C. State.


NLP said...

Glad to see he liked the players and coaches and felt he could fit in. Hope to hear some good news soon.

Anonymous said...

Sherrill sounds like a good player and a good fit for our program. Let's hope he makes his decision in our favor. Go niners!

Jeff said...

Charlotte really needs to step up and keep more local stars here!
K.J. would be a great step in that direction. I would love someday to have a ranked team and have the five starting playes announced from Charlotte or the close surrounding area !

Anonymous said...

He can combine with Shamari Spears and give us a Rowan County kick-butt tandem!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does this kid sound like his mind is already geared toward becoming a Charlotte 49er?!?!

Jeff said...

Shamari Spears is a monster !!!
Combined with anyone, will be a butt-kicking tandem !

survivor said...

Hey nice! Only positive comments so far. The "anonymous" guy that loves to troll these boards must be on a 4-day weekend.

Sherrill sort of reminds me of the strong, tought frontcourt players who we all appreciated (Calvin Clemmons, Kelvin Price, etc.) I think he would enjoy playing here.

Anonymous said...

Its either Chris or KJ - they both play power forward! Bobby will have to have a 3 point shoot-out for the scholly.