Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lutz: Charlotte hurt by offense, defense

KINGSTON, R.I. -- Charlotte 49ers coach Bobby Lutz wasn't just frustrated at his team's defense in an 86-69 Atlantic 10 loss Saturday against Rhode Island. He wasn't happy about the 49ers' offense, either.

The 49ers, who trailed 39-35 at halftime, should have been closer, according to Lutz. "We missed six point-blank shots," he said. "Six!"

But the defense did need work. Rhode Island shot 61.1 percent, including 67.9 in the second half.

The 49ers, who have been a strong rebounding team this season, were outrebounded by the Rams 40-28. Starting forward Antwon Coleman had no rebounds.

When Charlotte reserve Sean Phaler, whose arms are covered in tatoos, entered the game, the Rhode Island crowd chanted: "Sharpee marker! Sharpee marker!"

The game underscored how important 3-point shooting can be. The 49ers rely on the 3-pointer more than any team in the league, but get the least from them: They entered the game leading the the A-10 in 3-pointers made (8.46 per game), but were last in percentage (33.0). Rhode Island led the league in percentage (40.1). For Saturday's game, Rhode Island improved on its 3-point mark, making 50 percent. Guard Jimmy Baron, who leads the A-10 in 3-points made per game and is second in percentage, made four of five. The 49ers made 34.5 percent of theirs, but only 27.8 percent in the second half. For what it's worth, Rhode Island made only 47.1 percent of its free throws.



chevee said...

I cannot believe we were out rebounded by URI! I know we are capable, look at what we did against the huge frontline of UMass... Just horrible. Right when you feel comfortable about where the Niners are headed, they show that they still don't have a strong footing in late February.

Anonymous said...

For the love of God will somebody please fire Lutz....