Friday, February 2, 2007

Practice update from Cincinnati:

-- Charlotte 49ers coach Bobby Lutz spent a great deal of time emphasizing his belief that Xavier will use constant continual double teams against forward E.J. Drayton in Saturday’s game.
"Why will they do that?" Drayton asked. "Because you’re killing them inside," freshman Ian Andersen yelled out.
He is right.
How Drayton responds will likely be key to the 49ers’ chances. If he is double-teamed, good recognition of that should allow him to find one of Charlotte’s perimeter players open on the outside.
-- Antwon Coleman returned to practice despite a right thumb injury. Forward Jerell Jamison sat out most of practice still nursing a sore back but did some work on stationary bike.
-- Expect a hostile crowd Saturday. The game is a sellout and tickets to the game were found being sold Friday night on eBay.


Anonymous said...

Great game plan Bobby! The Niners should be well prepared for the game today. Its too bad your team never listens to you. And if the focus isn't on E.J. you will have absolutely no idea how to adjust. But keep looking for those perimeter players on the outside!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report. EJ has been great this year. DA needs to step up down the stretch. I know he gets a lot of attention but he should still dominate.

Obviously the Cinci people still are intrigued by Charlotte, a sellout even though the Niners are struggling.

ChevEE said...

Ian is awesome! And he's right. EJ has gone up against some tough frontcourts and put up big numbers. Look at his performance against UMass. He managed a double-double and higher numbers than the coveted Lasme.

Of course hindsight is 20-20 and looking back, there was a lot that didn't work out quite right.

Anonymous said...

"Charlotte 49ers coach Bobby Lutz spent a great deal of time emphasizing his belief that Xavier will avoid getting Burrell and Lavender the ball against the Charlotte guards for outside shots.

"Why will they do that?" freshman Ian Andersen asked. "Because you’re killing them with your perimeter defense," Drayton yelled out.

He is obviously on crack."