Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More Observations from Atlantic City

With basketball the bread-and-butter of Charlotte athletics, a losing season is extremely difficult for the program and its fan base. No one knows that more than coach Bobby Lutz. The 49ers weren’t as far from having a decent season as some might think. Having Phil Jones (declared ineligible by the NCAA) and Charles Dewhurst (red-shirted after an early season high ankle sprain) would have helped a lot.

I like Atlantic City as a host for the conference tournament. It’s about as good a neutral site as you’re going to get in this league. However, forcing half the teams – including No. 1 seed Xavier – to stay in hotel rooms 20 minutes from the strip pretty much robs the players of enjoying the city. -- Jim Utter


Anonymous said...

Jim - check this site out:

I talked to someone at the game about it. He said he'd prefer to suck in the fumes from an entire can of spray paint than to watch another auto race inside the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall.

Jon said...

I just stumbled on your blog today.... I relocated niner has a place to call home... we'll get em next year! We can only get better, less reliant on 2 year stints from JUCO transfers and focus on developing 4 year players. Charles Dewhurst, A-10's frosh of the year!

Dax said...

jim i also think sticking them on the strip is a huge distraction. i'm also glad the team was far away from the band cheerleaders are distractions as well.