Monday, September 29, 2008

FSL pace surprises AD Rose

Charlotte 49ers athletics director Judy Rose said she has been surprised with the number of Forty-Niner Seat Licenses (FSLs) reserved since the Sept. 18 recommendation by the school’s chancellor, Dr. Philip Dubois, to add a football program by the 2013 season.
“I thought the first 1,000 would be a good marker to gauge as we got started. Each day that we passed that mark since the announcement has been even more impressive,” Rose said. “It seemed to slow down a little bit at the end of last week, but when we were given an updated number at our meeting (Monday) morning, we had passed 2,500.”
Rose said plans are to begin an official marketing campaign to sell the remaining FSLs almost immediately should the school’s board of trustees approve Dubois’ plan in November. Those who have reserved FSLs would be contacted about the plan for payment. Dubois’ recommendation called for the sale of 5,000 FSLs at $1,000 apiece within six months of the board’s final approval. As of the close of business Monday, 2,558 have been reserved.
Less than two weeks since the announcement, Rose said she has fielded calls from people who have expressed an interest in the coaching position, although she doesn’t believe a coach would be hired until 2010 or 2011.
And what does the chancellor think?
“The chancellor is pleasantly surprised by the FSL count thus far,” Rose said.


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I know of about a dozen more
that are waiting on the final vote and/or confirmation that there will be a payment plan.

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There is a big difference between a pledge and money in hand!

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considering the pledge was done completely by the pledger (no one contacted them about it, they went to the website themselves, and signed up) - I think this may be a little different than the normal "pledge then dont pay up" scenario you would see when someone contacted people about pledging initially.

yeah Charlotte.