Thursday, April 1, 2010

Charlotte 49ers basketball coaching update

Some more updates on the search for a new men's basketball coach for the Charlotte 49ers:

--Appalachian State coach Buzz Peterson is not under consideration by Charlotte officials to be the 49ers' next coach, two sources confirmed on Thursday. Peterson, 46, is in his second stint as coach of the Mountaineers. ASU finished 24-13 this season and Peterson compiled a 79-39 record in his first tenure as coach. Peterson has also coached at Tennessee, Tulsa, Coastal Carolina and before returning to Appalachian State, he served as director of player personnel for the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats.

--Florida State associate head coach Stan Jones is also in the mix for the 49ers' head coaching job, a source confirmed Thursday. However, it remains unclear whether Charlotte will interview Jones for the position.

--Kansas associate head coach and former East Carolina coach Joe Dooley has been contacted by the 49ers regarding their head coaching position and is expected to be interviewed at this weekend's Final Four in Indianapolis, a source close to the process said.

--Syracuse officials have not responded for repeated requests for comment on Charlotte's interest in Orange assistant Mike Hopkins.


Anonymous said...

The people following the program who don't want Buzz because he played at Carolina are dense and dumb. We could use an infusion of Carolina fat cat dollars right now and he's a proven winner. He would be a much better choice than any unproven assistant -- I don't count Dolley in that mix. Dooley would be a great choice, too.

Niner fans who can't see past that -- Tar Heel ties --are short- sighted and and a downriaght embarrassment. And, I am a Bobby Lutz fan and Charlotte grad!

Anonymous said...

Next Coach.

Anonymous said...

How is this an "update" you keep telling us the same stuff every other day ?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Conroy has been offered the job as UNC Wilmington coach.

Anonymous said...

Buzz Peterson has proven he can win at App and half of the time at Coastal. He has also proven he can take another coach's players at Tulsa, turn it into an NIT championship (which is a disappointment considering the coach before and after him both made the NCAA tournament). Finally, he proved he can't win at Tennessee.

He isn't a terrible candidate by any means, but his resume doesn't certify him as a "proven winner." It shows he is a mixed bag, he's been an undeniable success in his two stints at App, but outside of that, he hasn't done a whole lot.

I'm a Niner fan and I could care less what ties the next head coach has, he could have a degree from Chapel Hill, Duke and NC State for all I care, if he can win, that is all that matters. I just don't think Buzz is anything better than a fallback plan based on his resume and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Understand that all may not be great for Jeff Capel at Oklahoma. How great would it be to bring THAT Tar Heel home? I just doubt we could afford a coach of that caliber.

Anonymous said...

No UNC grads need apply. Just ask the chancellor.

Anonymous said...

On Mike Hopkins’ candidacy for the open head-coaching position at Charlotte: "Anything can happen, so you never know. But if you’re asking me, Mike Hopkins is going to be the next coach at Syracuse. That’s all I’m going to say."

Anonymous said...

"Understand that all may not be great for Jeff Capel at Oklahoma. How great would it be to bring THAT Tar Heel home? I just doubt we could afford a coach of that caliber."

Whomever is the dumbass that posted this doesn't know crap about the capel brothers (I'm going to assume it was powerbait, because he doesn't know shit 9/10 times he posts, from NNN).

JASON capel played at Chapel Hill. While JEFF played at Duke. Do some research before you post. It might do you some good.

Buzz is completely out of the picture now. He's staying in Boone for another season.

Mike Hopkins is the Coach in waiting at Syracuse. Similar to how Johnny Dawkins was the Coach in Waiting at Duke.

Anonymous said...

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