Saturday, November 3, 2012

Observations from 49ers football scrimmage

Observations from the 49ers football scrimmage Saturday at McColl-Richardson Field:

-- The scrimmage produced one touchdown and 415 total yards. There were 93 plays, coming from 15 possessions. Not that this means anything now, but Matt Johnson was the quarterback on the first series of plays.

-- The 49ers look to have some big-play capability on offense. Receivers Austin Duke and Jaquil Capel (who scored four touchdowns in last summer's East-West All-Star game in Greensboro) both had long gainers. Duke, an Independence High grad who caught six passes for 51 yards, also had a 58-yard run on an end-around. Capel caught five passes for 134 yards, one of them a 54-yarder from Karsten Miller.

-- The 49ers offense got into the red zone five times, but scored just once on a 1-yard run by Alan Barnwell. Coach Brad Lambert said not to read too much into that 20 percent scoring number from the red zone. They haven't practiced their red zone offense at all yet.

-- Charlotte's defense was led by nose guard Larry Ogunjobi (seven tackles, two for a loss), linebacker Mark Pettit (two sacks) and strong safety Kariym Grant (one interception).

--  Some individual stats:
Passing: Matt Johnson, 7-11, 93, 1 int.; Lee McNeill, 9-16, 69; Karsten Miller, 9-17, 91.
Rushing: Alan Barnwell, 20-75-1; Austin Duke, 1-58; Donjore Gainey, 10-33.
Receiving: Austin Duke 6-51; Jacquil Capel 5-134; Donjore Gainey 3-8.

-- The 49ers will obviously have to recruit more running backs, with Barnwell and Gainey the only players on the roster at that position. Lambert thinks Barnwell can be a really good college player and hoped he would have broken at least one big run Saturday. 

-- The game was worked by Conference USA officials. The 49ers also have the league's logo on the field, even though they don't join until 2015 (they'll be an FCS independent in 2013 and '14).

-- Several 49ers basketball players were on hand. Point guard Pierria Henry was an excellent football player in high school as a wide receiver and defensive back. At one time, he planned on going to Marshall to play football.

-- There was plenty of pre-scrimmage tailgating. A crowd of about 1,500 watched the scrimmage. The 49ers will have similar scrimmages in the stadium the next two Saturdays. The scrimmage on Nov. 17 will be Charlotte's final practice of the year until spring.



Anonymous said...

How bout that 49er Football!!! Defense looked really good.

Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Hope they have more open practices.

Go Niners!!

Anonymous said...

Austin Duke is a very exciting player and should dominate in conference USA and it should be fun watching him develop into a college prime time athlete. Great kid too!

Anonymous said...

What a great group of kids and AWESOME stadium. This program is developing into something special.

Anonymous said...

Although the new stadium is small, it is a top notch facility. Hats off to the university and the athletic department. CHARLOTTE 49ERS FOOTBALL IS HERE BABY!!! GO NINERS!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1,500 fans for a scrimmage that was only annonced 2 days before it took place is remarkable. The school needs to get those temporary seats installed before next season because bevcause I think they will be needed.

Oh, and is that some animosity I detect from Anon837? It sure seems to be. Does her parents know she is playing on the internet again?

Anonymous said...

Would be great to scrimmage Davidson to get a comparable level of competition for next season. Go UNCC!

Anonymous said...

Scrimmage Davidson?
That would NOT be competitive. You must be unaware of Davidson's view of football. Do they even give scholarships for the sport?

Anonymous said...

Davidson is more noted for finishing in the upper half of a terrible basketball conference most years than they are for their D3 non-scholarship football teams.

Anonymous said...

Somebody obv HATES the real true non-gimmicky non-frivilous non-stupid UNC 49er name?

UNC 49ers is the real name.



Charlotte 49ers = SUX

Gimmicky and cheap

Anonymous said...

Got you pouty face on because your stupid post was removed?

str8talk said...

Remember that Pat OBrien,who has a gun at 6ft4 only participated in practice on a part-time basis due to being a transfer and will be a fulltime competitor once the spring season arrives.This kid got big and improved alot in his redshirt year at UNCP.Major league arm who can run and throw.

Anonymous said...

UNC = Steak sauce?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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If he keeps on with his little rants I may just look into purchase and then post his house address here for everyone. That would be fun.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who constantly keeps saying "UNC 49ers", you are forgetting about the UNC Wolfpack, UNC Pirates, UNC Mountaineers, UNC Catamounts, UNC Seahawks, UNC Aggies, UNC Rams, and many others.

UNC is the name of the UNIVERSITY SYSTEM. If you were half as smart as you pretend to be, you would understand that simple concept.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:51

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Anonymous said...

I think Ogunjobi is going to be a beast on defense. I think Miller has the most upside at QB. Duke is going to be fun to watch as well.

Forget all that - they're ALL going to be fun to watch! When I first arrived on campus 24 years ago, I had a hard time believing this would happen in my lifetime. We had those sweatshirts that said "UNCC Football - Undefeated, Untied, Never Been Scored On" as a running joke. But there is my school, playing football. We're going to dominate these grade-school programs in year 1 and 2 and dominate pitiful C-USA when we get there. Can't wait to deliver whippings to UNC Greenville and UAB, my brother's alma mater. GO NINERS!

Anonymous said...

I was there in the stadium on Sat. for the practice. The feeling for this old alum was -very proud. Go Charlotte Forty Niners !

Anonymous said...

I was there Sat. for the practice.
The feeling was unbelievable for this old alum. Go Charlotte Forty Niners.