Monday, January 29, 2007

NCAA dreams? Not many in A-10

If the Atlantic 10 has any hope of sending more than one team to the NCAA tournament this season, it had better hope either Xavier or George Washington win out their regular season, then lose in the conference tournament.

Otherwise, without a stellar record, there is nobody going except the tournament champ. Xavier comes closest to making it based on out of conference schedule, but its best wins are over Illinois, Villanova and a pretty good Virginia Commonwealth team.

In its "big games" it lost to nationally-ranked Alabama and a sub-par Cincinnati team. The Musketeers even lost to Bucknell. Maybe they don't deserve a trip either.

I guess the final hope lies in George Washington -- a hard pill to swallow for 49ers fans. With a 15-4 record, the Colonials appear in the best position to end with a good enough record to force the NCAA to take them. But as has become common with them, they lack quality out of conference wins.

The ridiculous number of upset wins in conference play already lends me to believe the A-10 will end the season where it is now, with no nationally ranked teams and one team -- the conference tournament champion -- appearing in the NCAAs.

There are some wonderful parting gifts in the NIT/A-10 tournament this year I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess. The folks you work with at the Observer made you wear a light blue shirt for the head shot just to see how long it would take for someone comment on it, right?

C'mon. Don't wear the school colors of a team we despise.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely with Utter on the quality of our conference this year. In the past, it seems the A-10 had several quality teams who were all but guaranteed to go to the tourney, Charlotte included. We, as a conference, haven't lived up to expectations.

I can only hope for next year...

Anonymous said...

The A-10 is on decline. Without great TV deals and without any consistent top teams, its just going to keep declining

Anonymous said...

The A-10 is down again, but I see it as a 2 bid league. The A-10 tourney winner and one of the following 3 which aren't the tourney winner get in:


Josh said...

I agree with Jim. No way with the disruption of league play this year that the A10 lands more than one team in the NCAA tourney. Hopefully the league is just on a bad year and isn't headed downhill. but Linda Bruno needs to do some hard work to right this ship.

Anonymous said...

Whoever took the time to post about the light blue shirt, please get a life!!

As far as NCAA dreams, I just hope the Niners can make it into the A-10 Tournament. Maybe Lutz can do something as a low seed. He sure has never been able to do anything as a high seed in these tournaments. I can't remember the last time we won a Conference Tournament game.

Anonymous said...

clt thinks the a-10 needs more mario.

Marc said...

I totally agree with Jim on this one. It's sad... but true.