Friday, September 7, 2007

Niners hoops workout impressive

Charlotte 49ers men's basketball coach Bobby Lutz was kind enough to allow me to sit in on individual workouts with his team earlier this week.
Associate head coach Rob Moxley and assistant coaches Bobby Kummer and Chris Cheeks ran through three different sessions on Thursday -- one for point guards, one for shooters and one for post players. The only players absent were center Phil Jones and forward Charles Dewhurst, who were both nursing injuries.
In the point guard session, senior Leemire Goldwire and incoming sophomore DiJuan Harris seemed to push each other hard. Goldwire looked more comfortable with his shot than he was over the summer. Harris, a planned walk-on who was recently awarded a scholarship, should offer a good contrast with sophomore transfer Michael Gerrity, who won't be eligible until mid-December. Harris is quick and likes to shoot, while Gerrity is a gritty guard who likes to penetrate and pitch.
Senior Sean Phaler and sophomore Ian Andersen teamed up to face off against freshman Javarris Barnett and sophomore walk-on Kyle Church during the shooters session, with the Phaler/Andersen duo coming out on top. Barnett has an odd-looking shot but lots of confidence. Andersen comes in this season in better shape and is still one of hardest-working players on the team.
The post players session was the most interesting because it was my first in-person look at junior college transfers Lamont Mack and Charlie Coley. Coley was everything everyone had said -- lightning quick, athletic, all over the court. He had a nasty follow dunk off a missed shot which drew lots of attention.
Mack, who had knee surgery over the summer, is about 20 pounds over his usual playing weight, but still looked solid under the basket. Coley and freshman An'Juan Wilderness look impressive on fast breaks. The 49ers should have plenty of offensive options to finish plays. This is way early, but I predict freshman Gaby Ngoundjo will soon contend for the Atlantic 10 all-defensive team.

--- Jim Utter


Anonymous said...

I wish Big Phil and Charles had worked out. Do you think they will be factors and how can Mack lose that much weight when the season starts so soon?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim. Interesting to read pre-season observations. I hope it's like a couple years ago where a lot of new guys came through. Certainly sounds like a lot of potential.

I don't think you mentioned Gerrity. NNN post said he was wreckless. You mentioned Harris liking to shoot. Does that mean from the outside? THought he was a setup guy.

Anonymous said...

Phil had an injury that has delayed his progress but looks good. Mack also some procedure maybe on his knee but also will be better than OK when Coach Lutz's team retakes command of all bb. He will not extend jr's contract.