Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's game time, finally!

The Charlotte 49ers finished their final full practice Tuesday in preparation for Wednesday night’s exhibition at Halton Arena.
The starting lineup against Ottawa is likely to look like this: Phil Jones (center), Leemire Goldwire (point guard), Lamont Mack (forward), An’Juan Wilderness (forward) and either Charles Dewhurst or Ian Andersen at shooting guard. During a recent intrasquad scrimmage, Dewhurst and freshman Gaby Ngoundjo got rave reviews.
Other possible last-minute additions to the starting lineup could be Charlie Coley for Mack and starting sophomore DiJuan Harris at point guard.
Coach Bobby Lutz said his players were ready to play against "someone other than each other."
"We’re going to try to win the game, but we’re going to look at as many guys and as many different combinations as possible," he said. "Ottawa will dictate some of that since they have already played seven or eight games this month alone.
"We want to come out of it with a positive. The first goal is to win, but it’s also to evaluate lineups as the flow of the game allows."


Anonymous said...

Dewhurst at SG :O

Anonymous said...

Lee may not start?!?!

Anonymous said...

uhh Chevee, you might want to read the article again....