Saturday, December 1, 2007

Win over Wake Forest behind them, 49ers now prepare for rival Davidson

"Enjoy the moment."

That was Charlotte 49ers men's basketball coach Bobby Lutz's words of advice Friday to his team as they completed their first practice since Thursday night's 63-59 victory against previously unbeaten Wake Forest at Bobcats Arena.

Lutz and his staff wasted no time in beginning preparation for the 49ers' next opponent, Davidson, which Charlotte plays Wednesday at Halton Arena. The team worked extensively on Friday on ways to defend Davidson guards Stephen Curry and Jason Richards.

Lutz gave his team Saturday off and planned to return to practice on Sunday. Senior guard Leemire Goldwire, who struggled in Charlotte's win Thursday, said he and others planned to watch Davidson's game Saturday against Duke on TV.

"The win over Wake was great for us and it was a big momentum builder for us. I know our fans are going to be excited going into Wednesday," Goldwire said. "We'll watch the (Davidson) game on TV and look at some of the things they do.

"I think we already have a good feel for it, but they're playing against Duke, and they might put in a new wrinkle or two."

Asked about his tough night against Wake Forest, Goldwire offered this explanation: "I let them get in my head, not just talking, but they were bumping me for no reason and hitting me for no reason and refs weren't calling it.

"I was frustrated with myself. I basically went into the locker room at halftime and cussed myself out. I apologized to my team because I was better than that. I'm a senior and I'm supposed to lead by example and that wasn't leading by example."

- Jim Utter


Anonymous said...

Didnt he learn this lesson after the George Washington game. Keep your head in the game.