Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lutz appreciates his predecessors

Amidst the clamor of Charlotte’s victory Saturday against St. Bonaventure and Bobby Lutz’s emotional defense of Leemire Goldwire, something nice happened to the 49ers coach: The 87-83 triumph against the Bonnies was the 182nd of his 10-year career, tying him with Jeff Mullins atop the school’s all-time coaching victories list.

Lutz downplayed the accomplishment and at first appeared hesitant to talk about it. But, as anyone who knows Lutz understands, he can get a bit wound up and he quickly DID talk about it.

But he was eloquent in speaking about what the record that will soon be his alone means to him, and paid tribute to two of 49ers coaches who came before him:

"I know at the end of the year – at the end of my career – it will mean an enormous amount," Lutz said. "Of course it’s important now. I don’t want to devalue it. To tie coach Jeff Mullins is an unbelievable feeling.

"But I haven’t thought about it one time. I have the utmost respect for him. He resurrected our program. We wouldn’t have gone into Conference USA or the Atlantic 10 without him.

"Now, Lee Rose set the standard, getting to the Final Four (in 1977). And nobody else has reached that. But to tie the guy who put us on the map, got us the facility (Halton Arena) we have, is nice.
"It makes me appreciate all the assistants and players and our families."

– David Scott


Anonymous said...

This certainly won't get as much attention as the last entry in the Gold Mine, but it should. Lutz has had a great career in Charlotte and deserves praise for this accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

You stick around long enough you'll eventually break some records. Win a postseason game you scrub!

Signed -

One of the Idiot Fans

Anonymous said...

Funny post above!!

I wonder what would have happened if Melvin Watkins stayed around as coach? I bet we would have landed more recruits from N.C.; Charlotte big boys & S.C.. My guess?!! Although Bobby has done a nice job. I am banking on next season with this year players getting better & more mature.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Melvin Watkins, what's he doing now? Anybody heard from him?

Anonymous said...

In the span of a week, the Observer's writer and Charlotte's coach have exposed the reality of the 49ers' fan base - bandwagon fans. That's the very thing they claim everyone else in the Charlotte area (fans of the Tar Heels, Duke, etc.) are. No wonder they are mad. HAHA

Justin Ritchie said...

We have overachieved this season already, from being picked to finish 10th to being in the top half of the league... but Lutz needs to get some NIT or NCAA wins at the end of the year to get us on track for next season. It has been easy to critize Lutz the last few seasons, but now that he finally has some quality recruits we'll see what our coach can do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks David. I love Bobby and his passion. It amazes me that a few fans who question his offense can insense him so much that he remembers to call them out after a road win in which his team played terrific. He yelled something to Matt after the game about certain fans.

If he leaves us, I hope he doesn't let a few fans ruin his stay. He's bigger than that and in the grand scheme of things, why worry about it?

His 182 wins are a season longer and against better competition for a longer period than Jeff Mullins. So, it's not longevity as "One of the Idiot Fans" suggests. That fan is never so wrong.

However, if Bobby is ever going to have peace he should forget questions and criticism and do what he does best -- get those 15 guys in his locker room to play hard for him.


Anonymous said...

Coach Lutz waas deadon for blasting our fans. He is the Coach and dictates how we play. The mentality of our fans remind me of ymca parents. Chip and his buddies deserve a crappy coach they can idenify with. Just hope USC gets Bobby Moore Lutz 2.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bobby!!!!

Let's pass Mullins on Wednesday!!!!! Beat XU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark - I'm guessing you're another one of Lutz's bootlickers who's going to stand by his side no matter how many terrible basketball decisions he makes.

You Lutz defenders act so pious whenever someone criticizes his mediocrity. WTF is Lutz doing worrying about what the fans are saying anyway???

Anonymous said...

how can you defend a school that is inferior. Mediocricy would be a compliment to charlotte and its academic and athletic department. Lutz could win a title at almost any 1st class school

Anonymous said...

Wow guvna,
Tell me - why didnt Lutz go to NC State a couple years ago?
He wasnt even considered! And you really think USC is after him...?

Anonymous said...

I don't think this team has over achieved at all this year. We have 10 new players and nobody knew what to expect. That doesn't mean they've over achieved. They look like any team Bobby has had for the last 10 years! Junk defenses and some guy jacking up threes losing to lousy teams. Ive seen it before... I'm tired of watching it.

Anonymous said...

Then stop watching and stop posting your crappy comments. We are true 49er fans and appreciate what Lutz has done for our program!

Forget the haters! GO NINERS!

Anonymous said...

These are the same idiot fans who "Just dont realize how good Monmouth really is."

All 49er fans are idiots. Why pull for them when there is real ACC basketball just down the road?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, we'll leave the ACC a$$-ki$$in to you and your buddies!!!