Tuesday, August 12, 2008

49ers' Gerrity on how he's spent his summer

Charlotte 49ers junior point guard Michael Gerrity has spent most of the summer in his native California but will return to campus next week as the 49ers begin preparation for their three-game trip to Canada over Labor Day weekend.

Gerrity has stayed busy playing basketball over the summer and last weekend went to Oregon to attend the wedding of teammate Ian Andersen.

I traded e-mails with Gerrity recently and asked him to talk about his summer. Here is his response:

"I've had a great summer ... been working out a lot and at the same time being able to spend time with family and friends. Monday-Friday I'll do about a 1-2 hour basketball workout with a couple local players in the morning and then I'll go back to the gym that night and hit the weights, cardio, and sometimes 5-on-5 games for a good 2-3 hours. I'll be back on the 21st to start getting ready for Canada and school."


Anonymous said...

I just hope he's ready to lead the team. He was not ready last year after sitting out so long. He has a chance to be a difference maker.

Anonymous said...

Hope he can hit jumpers other than the side of the barn. His shooting was atrocious!!Missing lay-ups too! Needs to work on shotting but his ball handling skills are teriffic!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing Gerrity runnin the show from the start of the season. Will be interesting to see if Lutz spreads the court and let's MG do his thing like he said he would.

Anonymous said...

While players like Davidsons Stephen Curry and UNCs Ty Lawson spent the summer in camps with the top guards in the NBA, Michael Gerrity goes home and plays pick up games at his old high school.

Way to go Mike. Thats the dedication that will get us back to the NITs baby!

I hope Harris had a better summer.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, well that means we're done. Just cancel the Niners season now.....give me a break!