Monday, December 8, 2008

Checking in with A-10

Some Atlantic 10 and Charlotte 49ers basketball notes:

  • According to RealTime RPI, the Atlantic 10 ranks fourth among Division I conferences in strength of schedule. A-10 teams have faced 11 ranked opponents since the season opened Nov. 11.
  • Entering play Sunday, 16 of the league’s 44 nonconference losses have been by four points or less. A-10 teams also have dropped six overtime contests, including two by Charlotte.
  • Charlotte will enter its Dec. 10 game at Mississippi State averaging 8.25 steals per game, good for second in the conference. Junior DiJuan Harris leads the 49ers with 19 steals (2.38 per game), including five versus Providence on Nov. 28. Last season, Charlotte registered 271 steals, its highest total since 1991.
  • Charlotte junior guard Ian Andersen has averaged 16.5 points and shot 10 of 21 from 3-point range over his past two games, including Saturday’s win at Southern Illinois.


Anonymous said...

Put cloths on a pig....its still a pig !

Anonymous said...

"Checking in with A-10" ???

Sure, the A-10 may not be popular, but can you be any more demeaning to the school named CHARLOTTE?

Being in the A-10 is not my 1st choice either. But the Observer goes out of its way to de-emphasize the school's athletic programs.

What's next for the headline for the 49ers game story? "By the way, 49ers beat Mississippi State".

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you actually could READ you would see the items don't all have to do with Charlotte specifically. That's probably asking too much.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe if you could think instead of just read, you would see the issue is larger than whether the subject matter is A10 or Charlotte.

Charlotte has got to be the only Division I school in the country not covered by the print media.

Go to any other DI city and this kind of information actually makes their printed product.

Putting this kind of stuff only in a blog is a joke.

Sad part is the issue is probably larger than Jim Utter.

Question for the Observer Management: Why do the Charlotte 49ers have to prove themselves to some random level of achievement in order to be covered by your paper.

Stories/updates in a blog are not coverage. They are tokenism.

Anonymous said...

The Observer has always treated Charlotte that way - even back in the glory days, it was obvious that the paper covered those other state schools to a higher order and with more's really pathetic. But, not to worry, it appears that newspapers, as a form of news, are going the way of the dinosaur. to the Observer - "good riddance!"

Anonymous said...

Jim Utter brings you news and you moan. Ridiculous. I am making aneducated guess that the reason we are not being covered on the road is not his choice, but a teeny budget that has been easily shaved with our string of losses. I am gald he's posting items on The Gold Mine.
I hate That we are taking a backseat to Davidson, but we were dumb not to sign Steph and even dumber not to offer Seth. Davidson will be the cover boy all year becasue Steph will dominate the SoCon and they will remain in the Top 25 all year.
As bad as our start is, I still wish we were playing those Mildcats.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaa we suck and we're not getting any coverage waaaaaaa .. do you know pathetic you sound?