Friday, January 9, 2009

Golf coach Green resigns to coach Duke

Jamie Green, who led the Charlotte 49ers' men’s golf team to the highest ever NCAA finish for any of the school’s athletic teams, has resigned to become coach at Duke.

Green, in his sixth season, led Charlotte to the NCAA tournament four times and won three straight Atlantic 10 championships. In 2007, Charlotte advanced through the NCAA Regional and finished tied for third in the national championship, the best finish for any of the school’s sports team.

“This is easily the hardest coaching decision I’ve ever made,” said Green, who guided the 49ers to 17 tournament titles over the past 4½ years. “Our golf program has been given every resource and every opportunity to compete at the highest level and I am just so fortunate that we found the players that could attain that.”

Assistant coach Adam Pry, a finalist for the 2008 Jan Strickland Assistant Coach of the Year Award, will serve as 49ers interim coach through spring season. Charlotte will delay its search for a permanent replacement until after the 2009 season.

“We wish him well at Duke,” Charlotte athletics director Judy Rose said of Green. “We are committed to provide the same type of quality leadership as we move forward.”


Anonymous said...

One of the remaining bright spots at Charlotte Athletics has gone. Even when our team has performed at a higher level, even when Charlotte has finished inside the top-8 for two consecutive years, we can't hold on to the greatness that so many of us Niners want so badly. I would say good luck, but I don't care how Duke works out.

Anonymous said...

Sing with know the Monkees' tune, "...Stepping Stone"? Only this time, take out the word "not".
That's what we are, a stopping place and stepping stone when success is measured to move to bigger and better places. Damn the A-10 and our moribund league! Good luck Jamie and even you Mr. Lipsitz.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why we want football? To get out of this godforsaken league.