Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to Charlotte-Tennessee Jan. 6 just got longer

Rock slide over the weekend has closed I-40 in both directions. (AP Photo/Bill Sanders, Asheville Citizen-Times)

A rock slide on I-40 near the North Carolina-Tennessee border will have consequences for the 49ers. DOT officials now say it'll be late January or early February before the highway is reopened to traffic. (Click here for a slideshow, no pun intended.)

That'll add at least an hour to the trip for fans wanting to see Charlotte play the Volunteers on Jan. 6 in what might be the most attractive easily driveable road game on the schedule.

The school hasn't decided whether the team will drive or fly and is studying the options.

The detour recommended by the DOT:

If you're going west, take I-40 West to I-240 West in Asheville to I-26 West. Follow I-26 West from Asheville to I-81 South in Tennessee, then back to I-40.

People going east will take the same detour in opposite directions.

That route takes drivers about 135 miles out of their way.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand.

Are we in the middle age? would it be to much to ask for a plane ticket?

Observer Sports said...

On the plane ticket: Orbitz this morning says $326 round trip leaving Jan. 6, returning Jan. 7. Stops in Memphis in both directions.

Anonymous said...