Tuesday, February 9, 2010

49ers make it to Dayton

The winter storm that's sweeping through the Midwest today didn't prevent the Charlotte 49ers' basketball team from arriving in Dayton for their game Wednesday against the Dayton Flyers.

The 49ers were on a direct flight from Charlotte to Dayton that left early this afternoon and arrived on time. Although there's plenty of snow on the ground there, according to sports information director Tom Whitestone, it hasn't been enough to close the Dayton airport.

We'll have a story in Wednesday's Observer about how lousy weather is a fact of life in the Atlantic 10. -- David Scott


panfan1 said...

Stay focused 49ers!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, where are the Atlantic 10 schools located? Ohio (2), Pennsylvania (3), New York (2), Rhode Island, Massechusetts, Virginia... places where lousy weather has existed for forever.

Gee, that took some SERIOUS investigative reporting!