Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lutz talks about new job

A few things former 49ers coach Bobby Lutz said on Thursday after taking an assistant coaching job with Iowa State. We'll post the full story later tonight online and it will be in Friday's Observer.

“Will I miss (being a head coach)? No. I am so excited. I was very content after this happened to take year. So I’m not taking a year off, but I am from head coaching. I certainly will miss it at times. But I enjoy the fact that I’ll be an assistant, teaching, scouting, game prep. It’s the pure coaching that I love to do.”

“So I’m not going to miss those other things in the short run. Who knows in the long run?”

“I moved on pretty quickly. Regardless of getting this job, what’s done is done. I do know that I left them a really good team. One thing I didn’t stress as much when it happened is that I’m really proud of we did. I’m glad the program is in good shape.”

“I like Ames. It’s small-town America. They love their Cyclones: That’s what the whole place is about.”


Anonymous said...

UNCC has made the worst mistake they could make in Sports. Bobby Lutz was the best thing that ever happened to the school.

Chizzaah said...

I disagree. Worst thing Charlotte sports did: sign Martin Iti.

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of Bobby was not the problem. Getting a second rate replacement was.

Anonymous said...

David, did you oversleep? Where is the f/u as stated? Bobby was a solid person but just an ok coach. Bobby had a problem developing players and ran the same offence year after year that lacked imagination and creativity. The college basketball world was not exactly knocking down Bobby's door with offers and he ends up with the sorry Cyclones.

Anonymous said...

Bobby was a great guy, and I will miss him, but the bottom line is that we have not been to the NCAA Tourney in 5 YEARS. We have not won a game in the NCAA tourney in 9YEARS. Even Bobby admitted that this is not acceptable.

Observer Sports said...

anon 8:42, here you go. it wasn't easy to find: