Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sherrill gives frontcourt a different look

-- With K.J. Sherrill back, coach Alan Major described what kind of front court the 49ers have now.
With starting forward Shamari Spears kicked off the team, Charlotte’s front line was composed mainly of 6-8 forward Chris Braswell and 6-11 backup center Phil Jones. Undersized Javarris Barnett (6-7) and An’Juan Wilderness (6-6) were being asked to guard bigger players.

“He gives us another body in the post,” said Major. “Phil is your big, mass body. ‘Braz’ is our jack-of-all-trades, passing it, handling it and scoring around the rim. K.J. brings energy. He’s bouncing around there, flying around. He makes you feel good because he’s so active.”

-- The 49ers will briefly break for Christmas after Wednesday's game against Wright State. They return to campus Sunday to prepare for a five-day road trip in Georgia next week: at Mercer on Dec. 30 and at Georgia Tech on Jan. 2. The Yellow Jackets game is at 6 p.m., the same afternoon the Carolina Panthers play the Atlanta Falcons a few miles across town at the Georgia Dome at 1 p.m.

-- Halton Arena is the site of a day-night doubleheader Wednesday: Charlotte’s women play Maryland-Eastern Shore at noon (admission is free) and the men’s game against Wright State is free to kids 17 and under.

-- Major said the reason Braswell didn’t start against Tennessee was for a minor rules violation. He’ll be back in the starting lineup tonight ahead of Jones.

-- One final note from Major on the Tennessee victory: “Probably the most rewarding thing was for the guys to see that they’re capable of more than they think. I’m not saying we thought we were going to lose, but if you do things -- scouting, practicing hard, watching film, doing the day-to-day work, then you can earn your way into playing well.”

-- Quick baseball note: The signature trees that line the outfield outside Phillips Field are being replaced this week. The old ones -- which gave the stadium an intimate atmosphere -- were diseased. The new ones are much smaller, but they'll grow back -- sometime.


Anonymous said...

See you at the game tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

"The 49ers will briefly break for Christmas after Tuesday's game against Wright State."

Fyi.. the game is weds

Dowless said...

I think we deserve an article early Wednesday morning on how both games went. We need scores and highlights. Go over to Halton and check it out. Then let us know what you find.

Anonymous said...

This is why there are no articles on the niners in the Charlotte Observer. The reporters show up on the wrong days.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to see KJ back in the line up. He is a huge asset to a very shallow team. The Tenn. win was great. I look forward to seeing us take on the Wright State and see how we face the dreaded 3 guard system. It looks like Major is really getting through to these kids. With Spears gone, the learning of a new system is coming together. I said it earlier this season and I'll say it again: Niners gel late in the season and make a great showing in conference.

...and for all of you who just can't stop complaining: Maybe the reason we can't get into our own local press has something to do with people complaining every time we do get coverage. David Scott has been doing a tremendous job of covering the Niners this season. 20 times better than Utter ever did. I understand the correction but d*** people get a life. Every time I see an article here it is littered with comments of either: "the O doesn't cover us right" or "uncc sucks. I don't care who they beat they suck. What?!? they beat #7 Tenn? They still suck. It was lucky." If we are so much of an unimportant team then why waste your breath complaining? I guess we are a little more important to you than you would like to admit.

Chris Muccio

Observer Sports said...

Guys, error is corrected! Thanks for pointing it out. That subtle humor is appreciated, too.
David S.

Dowless said...

No problem David. Keep up the good work on the 49ers.

Anonymous said...

The 49er baseball team plays at Hayes Stadium, not Phillips Stadium.

It doesn't take too much effort to research the name of the Stadium.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work David. Don't let yourself get ruffled by a handful of perfectionists.

Huggins said...

Yeah David, I say great work overall. Thanks and keep doing what you are doing. Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

Perfectionists??? If this article was written about the Chapel Hill program with the same mistakes (incorrect game day, incorrect name of baseball stadium), he would no longer be writing for the Observer.

I guess us Niners should just take what we can get. Just accept mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

I thought the baseball team played on Metro Field at Collie Satdium? That is what someone once told me anyway.