Friday, April 22, 2011

Festivities highlight stadium groundbreaking

Next week's groundbreaking for the Charlotte 49ers' on-campus football stadium will have a festive atmosphere.

The groundbreaking for the 15,000-seat stadium is set for 3 p.m. on Thursday, with tailgating beginning at 1 p.m.

There will be a tailgate reception from 4 to 6 p.m.

Construction on the stadium is scheduled to be finished for the Aug. 31, 2013, game against Campbell, the first football game in Charlotte history.

-- David Scott


Anonymous said...

See you there.

Steve said...

See you there.

Anonymous said...

If its not called UNCC 49ers then expect an empty stadium and little to no contributions. 70,000 alumni dont know who that other team name is.

HAHA said...

Nothing says festive like an unbuilt 15,000 seat stadium with a few thousand people there (if lucky) to celebrate a program that STILL has not sold the original FSL goal they wanted to achieve before deciding if they were going to start a football program or not.

I'm not sure what will be more exciting, seeing the empty patch of a land that will in 2.5 years be a MASSIVE 15,000 seat stadium.... or mingling with the head coach and defensive coordinators who were part of 2 of the worst defenses in the country.


Anonymous said...

Are you a 13 year old girl? I know of very few FBS programs that could have sold 5,000 seat licenses at more than $1000 each. App State would struggle to do this. 3,500 is impressive for a team that has never played. We are a start-up program and already have a staff filled with BCS experience. We will have one of the nicest subdivision stadiums in the country. I don't always agree with our Athletic Department, but we have done pretty well with football so far.

Anonymous said...

Either UNCC or UNC Charlotte is acceptable to alumni and within legislative law requirement.

The full University of North Carolina at Charlotte Forty Niners gives the completed rich vintage character and integrity being an integral part of the famed oldest public university system in America since 1789. It also honors the area of the original discovery of gold in America formerly a part of Mecklenburg County.
Quite an exceptional honor since America was originally settled by Sir Walter Raleigh on Roanoke Island, on what was later named North Carolina, in 1585 for King Charles II of England. Carolina is Latin for Charles Land.
The historical UNC or North Carolina name should always be out front and foremost for the university without exception and all its entities including the athletic program.

Anonymous said...

7:39 = idiot

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history lesson. Is your point that we ought to look to the past as if those living now had anything to do with what happened in 1789? The University of Charlotte will be looking to the future.

Freedom Huggins said...

7:39 = idiot

I second that...

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate

DSP 93 said...

The alumni is growing stronger and will only increase in its ability to support the football program.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:20

That guy is an idiot for saying stuff, but why bring App State into this? App State is an established program. App State routinely brings in twice as many fans as your stadium will be able to hold. App State averages more fans per game then 1/3 of the FBS teams. App State is what your program can only hope to be a few decades from now.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of supreme moronic idiots. You cant deny history. Ignorance.

"Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it"

Siddhattha Gotama
who founded Buddah over 2500 yrs ago

Anonymous said...

What an exciting time to be a Charlotte 49er!! Count me as an alum that prefers "Charlotte" over UNCC. Time for the school to stand on its own and forge its own identity. I'm pretty sure the fine folks in Boone and Greenville prefer App St and ECU over UNC Boone and UNC Greenville. Same with Charlotte. Can't wait to see that first football game!! GO NINERS!!!

Anonymous said...

Great. Return to a private school like Duke Wake or Charlotte College. Bonnie Cone was dumb for going public. Heck, we dont need that 350 million annual state funding. Name it anything we want then.

Go talk to the Chancellor. Tell him we can come up with a billion a year. No prob.

We will show UNC whos boss. We dont need their money. Time to seceed from that idiot UNC union. SECEED NOW !!!

Anonymous said...


You obviously don't understand the way things work around here. Charlotte College was never a private institution. Further, there are multiple schools in the UNC system that don't have the Chapel Hill brand attached to their name.

Charlotte doesn't want to disaffiliate from the system, it merely wants to blaze its own trail, under its own identity. There are hundreds, if not thousands of instances where our accolades are mis-attributed to Chapel Hill. There is nothing wrong with being part of the system - it's the mere perception that we are a satellite campus of UNC-CH that needs to be ditched.

No one hears App State or NC State or NC A&T and would automatically think they are subordinates of Chapel Hill. Since UNC-CH has branded their athletics as UNC however, the UNC moniker is known more for the school in Chapel Hill, NC than it is as a 16 member university system.

Anonymous said...

4:20.....It will not take Charlotte as long as you think to equal Ap's support and by the way, Ap's stadium only has "seating" for about 23,000 (only about 7-8000 more than we'll start out with). They just let people sit on the hillside and count that as part of the stadium. Also, lets take a look at all other sports (basketball, baseball, etc.) and see who averages more fans, Charlotte or ASU.....hint, you won't like it if you're an Ap fan.

Anonymous said...

What a joke.

So we want the UNC money just not the name, right? LOL RU a complete idiot. Un frickin real.

What happened to the pathetic lame excuse about everyone getting "confused" with the UNC-CH name? Nobody bought that crap. They laughed at you.

Why dosent UNCG have a confusion problem?

Dont they want to "blaze their own trail too?

Such lame pathetic stupidity.

If these are UNCC graduates taling this crap, they give the UNC system a BAD NAME and maybe UNC system need to be kicked out of the whole out of the system for being oure stupidity and ignorance.

Gesus Krist .....


Anonymous said...

Get spell check and logic check, then post.

49RFBN said...

Yes Anon 1:49, we want the system money without the name, just like these other UNC System institutions:

Appalachian State
Elizabeth City State
North Carolina State
North Carolina Central
Winston-Salem State
North Carolina A&T
Fayetteville State
Western Carolina
East Carolina

Anonymous said...

3:48... no need to point out what an idiot 1:49 is. They are doing an excellent job themselves. We just need to tell our old conference mates Louisville and Cinci that they need to stop disrespecting their respective state Universities (That would be Ohio State and Kentucky 1:49 *the more you know*) return from their blasphemous ways to become UK-L and UO-C. It is a slap to their state, country, school, the UN, oh and most importantly 1:49.


Anonymous said...

At Anonymous 1:49, think before you post and please look at an alphabet too!!! You are what we call an "Oxygen Thief."

Anonymous said...

App St? No logic there because its not called Boone State. Idiot.

NC State? No logic there because its nor called Raleigh State. Idiot.

NC Central? No logic there because its not called Durham State. Idiot.

Western Carolina? No logic there because its not called Cullowhee. Idiot.

East Carolina? No logic there becauses it not called Greenville. Idiot.

NC A&T? No logic there because its not called Greensboro A&T. Idiot.

As far as Elizabeth City St, Fayetteville St and Winston Salem St, these are traditionally black schools who were already named for their cities long before they became part of the UNC system.

Pembroke University was a traditional indian school joined in the 90s and immedately gladly changed their name to the UNC Pembroke Indians and love it.

The most gracious saint Bonnie Cone, who was the all holy mother creator originator inventor of UNCC or UNC Charlotte demanded this name and went to her grave extremely satisfied that she had accomplished a great feat in her lifetime.

She was 100% correct. Leave the great ghost of Bonnie Cone alone. UNC Charlotte is UNC Charlotte and will always be UNC Charlotte in every entity. She will ultimately see to that from her eternal grave.

49RFBN said...

Anon 7:58

When the men in the white coats bring you your meds it's very important that you take them and not spit them out.

Anonymous said...

"The most gracious saint Bonnie Cone, who was the all holy mother creator originator inventor of UNCC or UNC Charlotte demanded this name and went to her grave extremely satisfied that she had accomplished a great feat in her lifetime."

Proof or it didn't happen

Anonymous said...

I believe our great mother Bonnie's work was more in keeping the school from shutting down than, we must keep the name UNC Charlotte until I die.

Anonymous said...

My invitation says it's at 3:30, not 3:00.