Thursday, November 3, 2011

Observations from Belmont Abbey victory

Observations on the 49ers' 104-52 exhibition victory Thursday against Belmont Abbey:

-- The reason freshman Pierria Henry started ahead of Deuce Briscoe at point guard is because Henry is 6-3 and Briscoe is 5-10. Coach Alan Major wants more height on the defensive perimeter. Whether that's permanent, we'll see.

-- Coach Alan Major put all the new players to work. Eleven players played double-figure minutes (yes, it was a blowout against an overmatched DII team).

-- Worried about all those 3s the 49ers were taking (they made 17 of 29 and didn't make a two-point basket until seven minutes remained in the first half)? Don't be, because, A) Belmont Abbey was guarding anybody out there and, B) they were going in. Javarris Barnett was six-of-seven for 24 points and Derrio Green was four-of-seven for 12.

-- Transfer DeMario Mayfield and Henry look like they'll be the kind of athletic players that haven't been seen around Halton for a few years. E. Victor Nickerson also has a smooth, polished game that will improve when he puts on a few pounds. Two other freshmen, Mike Thorne and Terrence Williams, also had their moments. Thorne blocked two shots and Williams was 2-of-3 from the field.

-- The noseguards worn by Henry and Luka Voncina were to protect broken noses they suffered in practice recently. Mayfield also took stitches in his chin during one practice.

-- Season opener is next Friday against N.C. Central. Briscoe played at Central as a freshman in 2008-09 before transferring to Charlotte. He was the nation's second-leading freshman scorer behind Liberty's Seth Curry, who's now at Duke.


Matt Murrow said...

I'm stoked about this upcoming season! Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

Great game!!! Go Niners!!!

Anonymous said...

NIce to see our team play defense again. All you Lutz lovers take note.

Anonymous said...

Wow, really, Even Lutz teams beat Division 2 teams like that. LOL, wait until you are tested. It is to early to tell, but it is a great start nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Lutz teams, we took 29 3's last night. I guess it's OK when you make 17 of them.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to make of the fact that our players are breaking each others' noses in practice. I guess I'll take the optimistic view and believe they are just so amped up they can't wait to knock out opponents in other uniforms, like football players at the end of training camp.

Glad things went so well. After last year's disaster, even a blowout against a D-II team is sweet.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! UNCC win!!! Niners rule DII!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes...did you see the BIG win lastnight??...who did you play?...Belmont Abbey....YEs, wait WHO? Belmont what?? And we are stoked baby!!...Final Four bound!!..wait are you talking about NCAA? idiot, our 49ers are going to finally make the final four in our intramurals here on campus...Oh, GO NINERS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH...can't believe UNCc fans are excited about blowing out a PEE WEE team...UNCc = SUCKS...

Anonymous said...

No one said we were going to be final four. But you do bring up a good point, 7:01.

Butler just lost to DII Northern State University this year in exhibition.

16th ranked Arizona just lost to DII Southern Pacific University in exhibition.

West Virginia just got upset by DII Northern Kentucky University.

Are you saying that all of those schools should pack their bags and quit playing basketball? Charlotte won by double and scored over 100 points. It is something to be proud of, no matter who we played.

On a side note, I have a serious question, if you'll so much as grace me with an intelligent response rather than just spewing the same old garbage:

Honestly, honestly now, if the Charlotte 49ers are so insignificant and suck so bad, then why is it worth your time to come here every day and make sure the world knows it?

Just thought I would note that from a third person perspective, it only makes you look desperate for attention, and further solidifies that Charlotte is, in fact, relevant. If they were irrelevant then there would be no reason to hate them. There would be no emotional impact. However, here you are every day, wake up, take a shower, check facebook, and troll the Gold Mine. The only way I could see someone this mad is because you went/go to Belmont-Abby.

This isn't the newspaper. This is a Charlotte 49ers blog for fans. It's not in your way of reading news. You must physically go out of your way to get here. Seriously, any of you regulars can answer, because I really am curious as to why this gets you off.

Anonymous said...

LOL, 7:01 now that was funny. Final Four on your own campus. Im saying only Elite Eight.

Dowless (I mean Anonymous) said...

Too bad the UNC Charlotte team couldn't beat teams like my beloved Tarheels. We almost doubled up on the Tarheels(I mean Braves) from Pembroke. That's that school just South of God's country on I-95 for those who don't know. Yeah, we almost doubled them up, and we would've if we didn't let them jump out to a 10 - 2 lead early. Once we took our 1st lead 28 - 27, I thought we had them, but those little DII players can ball and battled back to a 32-29 lead. We eventually did win thanks to Ol' Roy who dug deep and helped us to an insperational win. I know we are going to the final 4 because no one is better at DII balling than the UNC site campus at Pembroke.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Both Duke And UNC Chapel Hill had difficulty beat DII teams. We crushed ours...and yet we suck for that? Well at least logic is alive and well on the internet!