Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Charlotte 49ers pair with Temple for '12-13 men's basketball season

The 49ers’ final men’s basketball season in the Atlantic 10 will feature home-and-home games with Temple and a visit from league newcomer Virginia Commonwealth.

The league released its conference matchups for each school Tuesday. Charlotte, which leaves the league after the 2012-13 season along with Temple, will play single games in the 16-game conference schedule against every other team in the league except for the Owls.

Charlotte’s home games: Dayton, Fordham, La Salle, Massachusetts, Saint Joseph’s, Temple, Xavier, Temple.

Away games: Butler, Duquesne, George Washington, Rhode Island, Richmond, St. Bonaventure, Saint Louis, Temple.

Here's a look at the nonconference opponents as of now (although the schedule isn't officially set): Texas State in the Great Alaska Shootout opener (the field also includes Oral Roberts, Tulane, UC Riverside, Alaska-Anchorage, Belmont, Loyola Marymount). Home against Florida State (Time Warner Cable Arena), East Carolina, Oregon State, Central Michigan, Lamar and Radford. At Davidson, Miami.

The East Carolina game becomes a conference game in 2013-14, when Charlotte joins the Pirates in Conference USA. The Oregon State game is a return on a game played in Corvallis, Ore., in November of 2010, won 83-70 by the Beavers. Coach Alan Major wants to regularly schedule teams like Florida State in the Bobcats' arena. That worked out well in 2010-11, when Charlotte upset Tennessee there.


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Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a home and home with George Washington. They have been our biggest rival since 2003.

Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

Better schedule than I was expecting. With that said thank god this is the end of the A10. Get. Us. Out. Now.

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Have I been staring at my monitor too long or does this state we play Temple 3 times, twice here and once in Philly?

I'm just glad this is our last year in prison. If Major gets a .500 record this year, I say give him a 3-year extension and let's just get the hell out of the A-10 with our roster in one piece. Then it's on to C-USA and several guaranteed wins a year over that over-hyped, over-rated, alleged "university" in Greenville.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why only 3 years? 38 wins over a stretch of 90 games deserves at least a 4 or 5 year extension.

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The A10 is gonna be even tougher than normal this year. Temple, Xavier, Butler, VCU, Dayton, Rhode Island, UMass, Richmond, St Joes, and little ole Charlotte. At least the Niners should get their yearly guaranteed wins over ECU and Davidson.

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10:26 AM


Winthrop is not listed there, and unless you can provide some evidence that they're in the USC system, you're incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Winthrop is a publically funded university under the taxpayer funded system whether it is listed or not. All public and publically funded universities get equal funding in the state are in the South Carolina university system whether listed or not. Its a matter of semantics.

SC property owner

NWA said...

I am not familiar with the SC state university system, but in many states a university can be an independent university and still be a public institution. So Winthrop could indeed be 100% independent from the USC system while still being public.

In NC all of the UNC system schools, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Wilmington as well as App, ECU and Western among others all report to the Board of Governors who direct their campuses. I get the impression that Winthrop is not a part of the USC system but is of course still a tax payer funded public university.

To the point of the name idiot though he has no ability to comprehend marketing or the ability of a school to attempt to distinguish themselves in the market place. Plenty of schools, public and private, take the name of their city. Some, in the case of VT choose to market themselves with one name even though their given name is something else. Even Chapel Hill will refer to themselves as Carolina, when clearly that is not their name. I have given up arguing with him because he obviously has no business sense.

Our only mistake is not marketing the school as Charlotte (needs no BOG approval) and starting the steps needed to change the name (needs BOG approval).

Anonymous said...

David is their any possible way to ban this psycho? Hes a serious lunatic that has evolved into threatening physical harm to others. I know that the Observer pays you per click/post but this is really ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I believe NWA is correct. While NC's public universities are all part of the UNC system, not all of SC's public universities are part of the USC system. So I stand by my previous statement that Winthrop is not part of the USC system, so stop using it as an example. You are misinformed.

Anonymous said...

David, why did the UNC-chapel hill baseball team get all that print when recent 49er teams' successes were never mentioned (including more than one win against UNC-chapel hill in recent years)? I'm just curious. It seems the Observer has always attempted to hide any of "UNCC's" successes from the general public while at the same time trying to promote "UNC-chapel hill". Out of curiosity, where did the Sports Editor go to school?

Anonymous said...

I just counted at least 13 losses? What about you guys?