Monday, August 13, 2012

Charlotte 49ers' Gibson named to Hermann watch list

Charlotte 49ers junior midfielder Tyler Gibson has been named to the Hermann Trophy's watch list -- college soccer's equivalent of football's Heisman Trophy.

Gibson is a two-time all-Atlantic 10 selection and was the league's freshman of the year in 2010. He was also a freshman all-American that season.

The Hermann watch list will be narrowed to 15 players in late November.

The 49ers open their season Aug. 25 at home against Denver.


Anonymous said...

The 49ers have already been ranked 3rd Nationally in one pre-season poll. The Observer should print a PRINTED article on this along with a schedule. If it was UNC-Chapel Hill, the Observer would have 7 or 8 articles on the rankings.

Anonymous said...

That is a great honor. Congratulations to Tyler.

Anonymous said...

"If it was UNC-Chapel Hill, the Observer would have 7 or 8 articles on the rankings."

UNC was ranked #1 in that same pole. I still havent seen a article about UNC soccer... maybe because nobody cares about soccer.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Charlotte College Owl def not a UNC-Charlotte 49er.
And some dumbass thought Dale Halton was a man? Damn. The owner of Pepsi? Where do they get these idiot hayseed bumpkin hick posers?

Look at the morons erasing the mockery of Rose who has the new nasty sweaty muddy dirty crap urine smelly male fieldhouse named for her where players walk around naked all the time. Excellent fit for Rose.
Nothing is nastier than a football fieldhouse bar none ...

The whole Sunbelt Conference is ROFFLTFAO at that one and all schools thinking this will be so EZZZZZZZZZZZZ ...

Anonymous said...

"UNC was ranked #1 in that same pole. I still havent seen a article about UNC soccer..."

I'm assuming you haven't read the Observer in the past 2 weeks. There were no articles on this NEW ranking which just came out, but there were articles on UNC-chapel hill soccer. You must either be new to town or work for the Observer.

Anon 6:43 is so stupid he does not even know which conference the Charlotte 49ers are in or will be in.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Anon 5:18 is so warped he lied about the rankings. UNC was not ranked number 1. Typical heel fan. Perhaps he should take a nap and wake up with an "A" in Swahili.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic award and I know all of us are proud of Tyler. Good luck to Tyler and the rest of the Niner team this season.

Niner Fans, don't let the few tarheel fans with a chip on their shoulder get you off topic with their 2 bit cheap shots.

Anonymous said...

Even the national sports media prefers UNC-Charlotte (with the hyphen) or UNCC talking about the Conference USA teams.

Studying sleep, by degrees, at UNCC, UNC Chapel Hill
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Charlotte Observer-Jul 21, 2012
UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Charlotte are collaborating to offer the world's first bachelor's degree in sleep science. ... to have a more prolonged problem, I would definitely go and be evaluated at a sleep center. ... There's never been another degree you could get. .... The Park Expo and Conference Center ...

U.S. News University

Cardinal soccer seeking turnaround under Gunn
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San Jose Mercury News-4 hours ago
First-year coach Jeremy Gunn has brought a new attitude, one that has his ... said Gunn, who took UNC-Charlotte to the national final last season. ... Senior forward Adam Jahn, a second-team all-conference pick last year, ... "Hutchins and Dodson are going back-and-forth, but Langholz is also competing.

UNC-Charlotte names director of community affairs
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Upstart-Jul 25, 2012
Before joining UNCC, Sims was the interim conference director for the N.C. Governor's Conference for Women. She also worked with The Lee ...

At UNC-Charlotte a personal collection goes public
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Charlotte Observer-Aug 1, 2012
'The Lona-Frey Collection,' Center City Building, UNC Charlotte, 320 E. Ninth St. (at Brevard). ... 4, the Lona-Frey Collection will go on public display at UNC Charlotte's Center City Building, ... spills over to the other two works, creating an unintentional triptych. .... The Park Expo and Conference Center ...

Washington Week takes stage at UNC Charlotte
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Charlotte Business Journal-Aug 10, 2012
She will be in Charlotte covering the convention with colleague Judy ... UNC-Charlotte Latest from The Business Journals What's going on with ...

Hollywood shocker: No music for CLT
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Charlotte Observer-Aug 11, 2012
Check out Convention Watch,, the Observer's blog ... The Boston Globe reports that Vicki Kennedy will speak at a health care forum and other events at the convention. ... broadcast from the Anne R. Belk Theatre in UNC Charlotte's Robinson Hall. ... Go to

Behind the rush to rename stadium
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Charlotte Observer-Jul 21, 2012
Check out Convention Watch,, the Observer's blog for developments, stories and insight. ... Another email in June used the same language when referring to ... “All that's going to linger are the things we did wrong. ... Convention Academic Seminar, which is partnering with UNCC.

CFT predicts: Conference USA
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I'm actually quite sad Conference USA as we know it today will be no more by 2013. ... Louisiana Tech, North Texas and UT-San Antonio (UNC-Charlotte and Old ... But 2012 should be another fun year for C-USA, though it may not have that .... Ex-Clemson WR tweets he's going to another Big East school ...

Conference USA was valuable stepping stone for UCF, other ...
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Orlando Sentinel-Jul 22, 2012
While other conference changes during the past year were marked by ... C-USA previously helped schools such as Cincinnati and Louisville go from ... UNC-Charlotte and Saint Louis moved to the Atlantic 10, while Army ...

Mike Curry said...

UNC ranked #1! GO HEELS!! I hope UNC plays the 69ers again this year in the tourney. We'll beat'em AGAIN! Bawhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

If 100% of us refer to you as "moron", does that make it correct?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to illustrate why renaming the university "University of Charlotte" would be less confusing! I'm not sure why some are so adamant that the world would end if the "UNC" were dropped. Some of examples you cite are of just plain incorrect usage.
"UNCC" is sometimes used in headlines due to space issues, but this doesn't make it correct. Remember that popular publications are NOT language usage experts.

Anonymous said...

Are they gonna stink up all of college football now with that dumb wrong name ?...

Charlotte-College 49ers dont get it?

UNCC 49ers !!!

Get in the real world idiots ... They are already laughing at the Rose personally named intimate fieldhouse too ...

Rose Fieldhouse? Rosehouse? Smells like a Rose? The Rose Garden? The Smelly House That Rose Built?

What an embarrassment ... The naked butt off all jokez ....

Chapel Hill Tar Heels?
Columbia Gamecocks?
Rock Hill Eagles?
Tallahassee Seminoles?
Charlottesville Cavaliers?
Raleigh Wolf Pack?
Winston Salem Demon Deacons?
Knoxville Volunteers?
Tuscaloosa Crimson Tide?
Berkeley Golden Bears?
Eugene (OR) Ducks?
Seattle Huskies?
Athens Bulldogs?
Boone Mountaineers?
Greenville Pirates?
Minneapolis Golden Gophers?
Columbus Buckeyes?
State College Nittany Lions?


Anonymous said...

Here's a couple you forgot
Louisville Cardinals
Syracuse Orange
Memphis Tigers
Miami Hurricanes

Get the Picture?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Cincinnati and Houston, both former rivals of the Charlotte 49ers in CUSA.

I liked how all those examples "Mr Idiot" listed referred to UNC-chapel hill as "UNC-chapel hill".

Anonymous said...

UNC-CH Tar Heels?
USC-C Gamecocks?
USC-RH Eagles?
UF-T Seminoles?
UVA-C Cavaliers?
UNC-R Wolf Pack?
UT-K Volunteers?
UA-T Crimson Tide?
UC-B Golden Bears?
UW-S Huskies?
UG-A Bulldogs?
UNC-B Mountaineers?
UNC-G Pirates?
UM-M Golden Gophers?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a soccer guy but since our program is becoming an elite one, I do follow it. Good to see one of our players getting national recognition.

6:45 - that post was so idiotic it was hilarious. You think a field house is only a locker room where smelly people walk around naked. Do me a favor - see if you can get inside the field house and go to coach Lambert's office. Let us know how many smelly, naked people are wandering around the football coach's office. Your idiocy knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Let me finish what 11:02 started. Since there are a few of you whose lives are so bereft of anything useful or meaningful that you have to spend all of your waking hours criticizing the Charlotte 49ers athletic department, making multiple comments on every blog post that the universe will cease to exist the next time the school on NC 49 is referred to as anything but UNCC... If you are so insistent on calling it UNCC, let's do that for every school in the system (some schools I don't know their nickname):

UNC-Chapel Hill Tar Heels
UNC-Charlotte 49ers
UNC-Asheville Bulldogs
UNC-Wilmington Seahawks
UNC-Raleigh Wolfpack
UNC-Boone Moutaineers
UNC-Culowee Catamounts
UNC-Greenville Pirates
UNC-Winston Salem Rams
UNC-Winston Salem II (School of the Arts)
UNC-Greensboro II Aggies
UNC-Elizabeth City

We could make adjustments for the 2 cities with 2 schools. Maybe we call the School of the Arts UNC-Clemmons, and call A&T the UNC-High Point Aggies.

Remember, you started this crap...

Anonymous said...

The only time this history geek has been inside a locker room is when he was getting his head flushed down the toilet by the jocks at his high school.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Smells like some prick waterfag pedo runt hayseed hiding from community parents for yrs. Dez & Miquel want the perv real bad for messin with their younger broz.

Actually for athletes hazing can be fun and fulfilling like rolling fagz on payday Fri nite on Hay St at Bragg or rushing the frat freshies in college or beating up budding sports writers.

Stuffing some weenie waterboys head down a comode was a bit much though and coaches would frown on it unless they deserved it. Cant hold the head under too long or you'll have to throw them in the swamp with a block tied to them. Gators love it.
The good ole dayz in Seminole County Fl ...

Anonymous said...

"rolling fagz on payday Fri nite on Hay St at Bragg "
So are you an army queer or did you read that story in a book somewhere? Did you give discounts to the marines? I bet all the army boyz liked you that pretty mouth!!

Anonymous said...

poor fag. did the army marines air force navy roll yo lil runt puzzy fag daddy and gangbang yo ugly ho mommy at bragg too? like father like son? btw she swallows. nasty old bitch. redneck trailor trash ..
you next ... wanta bet?

Anonymous said...

Please censor this psychopath!

Anonymous said...

Wanta bet?
Sure heres my email address

lets make it happen.

My bet is your just a whinny little bitch who will hide behind the internet. Lets just say if I am right you will stop posting your nonsensical rants in every blog post. Deal?