Friday, October 5, 2012

49ers extend Cabbage through '16

The Charlotte 49ers have extended the contract of golf coach Ryan Cabbage through 2016, athletics director Judy Rose announced Friday.

Cabbage is in his second season with Charlotte and took the 49ers to the NCAA tournament in 2011 (Charlotte's eighth consecutive postseason appearance).

"I am very appreciative of the commitment shown to me by Judy Rose and (Senior Associate Athletic Director for Business) Darin Spease as we continue to build on the past successes of the golf program at Charlotte,” Cabbage said in a statement. “This has been a tremendous opportunity, my family and I really enjoy the city of Charlotte, and I am proud to come to work every day with the wonderful people of Charlotte athletics and our wonderful university.”

“When a coach steps up and meets the requirements that we have established for having a contract, no matter how long they have been employed by us, I want to reward those individuals,” said Rose. “Our golf program has continued to flourish under Ryan's leadership, both on the course and in the classroom. I am thrilled for Ryan and for our student athletes.”

Cabbage came to Charlotte from his alma mater of Auburn, where he was an assistant for 10 years with the men and two with the women.

--  49ers football coaches are headed to California this weekend to recruit junior college players. Coach Brad Lambert has said the program needs more experienced players to counter the large number of freshmen already on the roster. Charlotte, which has commitments from nine high school seniors this recruiting year, probably won't look to sign more than one more high school player.


Anonymous said...

Go Niners.

Anonymous said...

Cabbage is another rotten hire by the dumbest human being that ever lived, Judy Rose............ NOT!

Just wanted to say, before the trolls get in, that this is yet another piece of evidence that Rose is exceptional at hiring new coaches. The jury is still out on Alan Major, but very few of her hires have been disasters. Most of those she hires who leave do so only for a fat paycheck by a school at least 5 times Charlotte's size. Let's hope this year's men's hoops team turns things around and leaves the Rose haters with nothing to hate about.

Anonymous said...

I agree that MOST of Judy's hires have been good ones. I think Major is the exception to the rule. I hope he proves me wrong this season. My biggest gripe is what seems like favortism toward the girls' programs. Our atletic budget is not big enough to do that.

Anonymous said...

Judy should have been setting up our athletes with no-show classes like Swahili and Battleship instead of wasting her time searching for good hires. That would have kept some of our athletes from becoming academically ineligible. [/sarcasm]

Anonymous said...

Please provide evidence of Judy's supposed favoritism shown toward women's athletics at the expense of the men. The ratio of the number of scholarships given to women versus men is determined by Title 9, whether we like it or not. Basketball, tennis, track and soccer facilities are shared by both genders. The baseball stadium could use some improvements,but it's far better than the softball stadium. Yes, i remember the infamous vollyball/men's basketball doubleheader which was a dumb decision on the athletic department's part, but really is that enough in the overall scheme of things to charge bias.

Anonymous said...

Since you asked for examples, here you go.

- The WOMEN'S Volleyball trumped the men's basketball game. STUPID.

- The WOMEN's softball facility used to be better than the men's baseball facility. The baseball team was forced to solicit money to improve the stadium to its present state (which is very nice now).

- At least one year, the men's basketball team was instructed to practice at odd times because so WOMEN could practice during normal practice hours.

- Our pep band seems to be missing for our last men's home game or 2 if those games occur in the same time frame as the WOMEN's Conference Tournament. Even back in the pre-Major era when these games were important, the band was sent to the WOMEN's Tournament. The visiting fans have laughed at us for this stupidity.

- If you want to find Judy at a Niner athletic event, you need to go to a WOMEN's event. She has averaged maybe 1 game a year for the men's baseball team and they play close to 40 home games a year.

-Log into the school's athletic website and you almost always see the front page loaded with stories, photos, and videos of the WOMEN's programs instead of the men's.

How is that for starters? I know of other examples. I have nothing against girl's sports, but with the exception of UT,UCONN, and LA Tech, I can think of no schools that have ever been famous because of their girls' athletic teams.

I do agree Judy has done a good job of hiring coaches. I also agree Major is the one exception but that entire situation was handled very poorly, including the Vista 7 rationale. Judy should have done her own research but wait, she was TIED UP WITH THE WOMEN'S PROGRAM at the time.

Anonymous said...

Some have short memory with the Judy Rose wrongheaded decision to change the name of UNC-Charlotte 49ers to some shortened gimmick to get rid of the UNC because it was allegedly confusing with UNC- Chapel Hill Tarheels ...

No way that flies ...

95% of UNCC 49er alumni or 95,000 alumni the gimmick sports name in spite of the shortcomings and weak sports at the schools short history.

The whole thing was Roses idea who was being untruthful concerning confusion with UNCC 49ers and the UNC Tar Heels and only done tryng to sneak in the rear door to get the whole school name changed to an unlawful name.

Charlotte (Junior) College went bellyup back in the late 1950s and was a small 2 yr private part time school with 20 students that met at old Central High on Elizabeth now CPCC.
Get over it ....

Return the correct UNCC 49ers name or UNC-Charlotte 49ers

Nobody is or ever was confused ...

95k UNCC 49ers alumni demand a return to the original name OR to Carolina 49ers that makes much more sense.


Brent T. Williams grad 1989
B.S. Engineering Dept BSET
Charlotte NC 28223

Anonymous said...

At no time has the softball stadium been superior to baseball. Sorry, you are just flat wrong on that.

I have attended women's basketball conference tournaments. Most schools send the band and cheerleaders, so if visiting fans have laughed at us for that, they are just ignorant. In point of fact, we used a local HIGH SCHOOL band to represent us a couple of years ago at the women's tournament along with 4 cheerleaders. The rest were back in Charlotte at the men's game.

I'm not sure where you got your information about practice times, but conflicts should not be a problem since we have an arena and a practice facility. Does the Athletic Director really get involved with individual practice times? By the way, both teams practice at "odd" times because the practices are scheduled not to conflict with class participation.

The 49er website is no different than many,many schools athletic website. Your perception of it may be that it skews one way, but that is your perception which may or may not be based on reality.

Yep, Judy does not attend baseball very often. That has nothing to do with the sex of the players. She has told me personally that she can't bring herself to sit and watch something she does not understand and that moves at a snail's pace. Doubtful she would attend if girls played baseball. I see her more often at men's soccer than women's soccer, by the way.

Rose has her shortcomings just like every other human being.I just don't happen to think sexism is one of them.

Anonymous said...

95,000 UNC Charlotte grads demand the old name be restored to athletics?
You must not have much to do if you took the time to take THAT survey.
More like 95,00 times you've posted the same tired rant.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58, you have no clue. Until the Baseball Facility was upgraded 6 or 7 years ago you had to leave the baseball field and walk across the street walk across the street to the softball stadium to use the restroom. Nothing else needs to be said.

Regarding the practice times, even the radio announcers were talking about the Niners being sluggish in a few games because they had been to forced to practice at odd hours because the womens team had been given the gym.

You say Judy told you she does not understand baseball? That's an unusual statement for a College Athletic Director to say, especially one of her age who grew up when baseball was still king.

I'll go one step further. She was always against football and even made the ridiculous "fantasy dollars" statment. I'll admit she has done a good job after the school announced we were getting football but she was publicly opposed to it before then.

The example given about the volleyball match trumping the men's basketball game said it all. Yes, that was Judy's doings.

I hope you enjoy your female sports programs. I go to some of their games too. You just need to understand womens basketball does not pay the bills like mens basketball.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:48
Thanks for the "no clue" remark.
You are badly reaching to say than our lack of football is the result of sexism. As I stated, Rose has her faults.
I don't know if she or Woodward nixed football. I do know that he was her boss. Leave it there.

Understanding the nuances of every sport is NOT in the athletic directors job description. That goes for Judy and EVERY OTHER AD. Would I like to see her at more baseball? Yes, I would. Would I be at more than a few baseball games if the 49ers weren't playing? No, I would not. If we had females playing baseball would Judy show up? I highly doubt it. As I stated previously, Judy shows more often for men's soccer than women's. That may have nothing to do with the players sex and everything to do with the speed and thus entertainment value of the game for those not well versed in the ins-and- outs of the sport.
Have you considered the possibility that the lack of facilities at the baseball stadium predated Rose's tenure and that she had other priorities such as getting us an on campus basketball arena? Both softball and baseball were in sad shape and both have been upgraded. Baseball was done first, as it should have been.
I, unlike radio announcers, have no knowledge of practice times and the politics involved. I'm sure those people had first hand information, however, since media people attend our practices every day and hear every conversation that goes on in our athletic dept. NOT.
Thanks again for the "no clue" remark and yes, I will continue to enjoy 49er sports whether the participants are young men or young women. I'm fairly certain that I never stated that women's sports paid their own way. Not here.Not anywhere.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Jeff Mullins was both the coach and AD when we started the planning for Halton Arena. He is the one responsible for Halton Arena. That's one of the reasons his name is on the wall with the retired jerseys of our basketball players.

Anonymous said...

To the person who stated Judy Rose gives preference to women's sports,
As a member of Eureka, the support group for women's basketball, I was invited to women's basketball practice a couple of years ago. The team was to practice in the arena, as the practice court was not available due to annual maintenance of the floor, which was being done over the student's Christmas break. I received an e-mail informing me that practice time had been changed because the men needed the floor. I think this was worked out between Aston and Major (the coaches). Nobody mentioned any involvement or interference from Judy Rose. If she was involved, she opted to give the men the preferred time.

Anonymous said...

That's common knowledge. Jeff did good work for us.
I'm not sure Rose did nothing toward making his plans become reality, and in any case, that isn't the point.
She did do other things to upgrade our facilities. A new and bigger scoreboard in Halton and the addition of Miltmore practice facility come easily to mind. The point is that she wasn't ignoring the need for baseball upgrades due to some bias toward women's sports, but because we don't have and didn't have funds to do everything at once. I'd guess that the vast majority of funds, going forward, will go to football and it should.

Anonymous said...

I was in Florida in December of 2004 and I took a side trip to watch the 49ers play in a tournament in Gainesville. Judy Rose was there and told me she and her husband had spent part of a day on the Florida campus to look at their baseball stadium to maybe get some ideas for ours. Maybe she doesn't hate baseball, after all. Of course, she WAS there for women's basketball (LOL)
BTW, we have men's soccer and baseball conference tournaments on our campus this year, which doesn't happen if the AD doesn't make some effort.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. The person defending Judy first said she was responsible for Halton Arena but after it was mentioned Jeff Mullins was responsible they turned around and said "that's common knowledge".

I think most of us feel Judy has done a better than average job but we also feel like she has shown a little bias at times. I noticed all the examples given in her favor involve her being at a WOMEN's athletic event, including a WOMEN's tournament. The example given abount the women's team getting the preferred practice times happend during Bobby's tenure. It was common knowledge and discussed in the post game show and I think on the weekly radio show too.

Anonymous said...

"Getting us an on campus arena" is not the same as having the idea and doing preliminary planning. We all know the genesis of the idea occurred when Jeff was AD, but he wasn't here for the fruition. Let me say again that the point is not to give credit to Judy or to Jeff for Halton. Jeff deserves credit for the beginning and I'm assuming that Judy did some work after he left, as any AD would have.
Let me state once again that the point was in response to someone's complaint about the baseball stadium not getting quicker attention and I'm merely pointing out that everything can't be the first thing to be done. The building of the arena is an EXAMPLE of other priorities. Thus the phrase "SUCH AS getting us an on campus arena" I'm sorry I did not mention Mullins to begin with.
I'm not going to comment further about practice times except to say that, to my knowledge, the athletic director does not dictate them. Did Lutz say out loud that Rose took away his practice times and gave them to the women's team or did he just say there was a conflict? Did he say that this was a recurring problem?

Anonymous said...

J, there are NO SCHOOLS in the USA who are "5 times Charlotte's size"...
Charlotte has 26,000 students, nobody has 130,000 students.

Anonymous said...

Not all the arguments in Judy's favor involved her being at women's events. I think the only one mentioned was her being at a holiday women's basketball tournament.
Is it really showing bias to go on your own time to see the sport you once coached? Come on and get real.

Anonymous said...

12:56 PM - OK, I'll say "several times Charlotte's size" if you insist on being nit-picky. The point was, most of Rose's hires have been very good ones, and coaches who leave Charlotte for other jobs do so not because they were fired for poor performance, but because a much larger school offered many more dollars than Charlotte could. The most glaring example is Melvin Watkins, who was an assistant coach here for nearly 20 years after graduating, and got the job after Mullins resigned mainly due to a famously-passionate interview. Watkins called this his dream job. After 2 years, he was gone, given the Texas A&M job for 3 times his salary at Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Dang J, can you post anything without crazy exaggerations? I actually agree with your point. The exaggerations are not needed. Melvin left Charlotte for ~twice his salary ($350,000 to 750,000 at A&M)...and no the "other" schools are not "several times" larger either. Maybe "bigger names" but not necessarily "bigger schools".

Anonymous said...

Up yours, The (not so) vigilant blog moderator

Anonymous said...

3:09 PM - I see you really enjoy picking nits, so I will do the same to you. 750,000 is MORE THAN double 350,000. A&M also had a few escalator clauses in Watkins' contract that would have pushed the salary very close to 3X his Charlotte salary. Fortunately, poetic justice reigned, and Watkins fell flat on his face at A&M and only collected the base salary. I will also stick to my original premise on coaches like Jeremy Gunn - Stanford is much larger in name, population and square acreage than Charlotte, wouldn't you say?

8:02 AM - J is the first letter of my first name. You can click on the hyperlink and get to the dormant blog I haven't updated in forever if you want to see if it's phony or not. I also did attend UNC Charlotte; it's how I got here from Ohio where I grew up (no hillbillies there; the hillbillies are across the Ohio River in West Virginia).

How did that post not get yanked with the foul language? Stay classy, dude.