Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Charlotte freshman takes down Keselowski

CONCORD -- Brad Keselowski might be leading the points standings in NASCAR's Sprint for the Cup, but he was no match Tuesday for UNC Charlotte freshman Josh Bralley.

Bralley won a NASCAR video game tournament on Charlotte Motor Speedway's huge video screen Tuesday morning. His reward for winning? A chance to race Keselowski in the super-sized video game.

Keselowski chose to race as himself -- the No. 22 Dodge. Bralley, who is from Huntersville and actually races real Late Model cars at Hickory Speedway -- was Jeff Gordon.

Bralley dusted Keselowski on the big screen, finishing 19th in the eight-lap race, while Keselowski was 41st. The virtual Dale Earnhardt Jr. won.

Bralley's victory earned him a spot as an honorary crew member for Keselowski for the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte on Oct. 13.

“I’m nervous (Bralley) will take over my car after beating me,” said Keselowski.


Anonymous said...

Really? An article on video games. It must be a really, really slow day.

Anonymous said...

He should have known that Niners can outdo the best in everything.

Can we get more articles on the basketball players in Chapel Hill not having to take tests or write papers? My guess is the article on the battleship classes taught to basketball players in Chapel Hill will only be on the website for the minimal required time.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this new UNCC student will win the NASCAR Championship one day. I wonder if he would like to have a football stadium named after him.

miami said...

The article of the battleship classes is superb!
Miami Dodge

Anonymous said...

Ok no cutting corners ...

"UNC" in front of "Charlotte" is lawfully required to make it complete. Forget the AD Rose cheap gimmick a decade ago that made the school look 3rd rate.

Her UNC-Chapel Hill confusion was laughable. UNCC was never a state university for the mentally challenged plus noone else has that problem.

UNC-Charlotte or UNCC 49ers is the correct name for all depts inc the AD. UNC 49ers would be better.

The historic prestigous historic "UNC" insigna since 1789 as oldest public university in America is required and most important part.

UNC is the head and Charlotte the tail with the hyphen linguistically connecting both names per the UNC system and NC Legislature in March 1965.

University Of North
Carolina 49ers or UNC 49ers for the AD would be even more excellent.

AD Judy Rose unfortunately struggled with academics in school in her challenging Physical Education major ending with an overall 2.0 GPA from USC-Rock Hill Eagles. This may explain a lot.

x UNC-CH Tarheels 1993

Anonymous said...

lol @ the troll.

Anonymous said...

Good call. We dont no tail wagging the dog at UNC 49er university.

That new Rose Fieldhouse wont be smelling like a Rose before long either.

Anonymous said...

Did ya'll have a class at Chapel Hill on all this worthless B.S. you keep regurgitating . If so, how much credit toward your degree did you receive?
You are one pompous twit.

Anonymous said...

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