Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Football schedules: What we know

After the addition of Temple in 2015 and '16, here's an update on the 49ers' football schedules as we know them to date. Although the 2013 season is set, anything else beyond that is subject to change as Charlotte continues to shuffle dates to make its entry to Conference USA in 2015 fit.

Aug. 31, Campbell

Sept. 7, Chowan; 14, N.C. Central; 21, Bye; 28, at Presbyterian.

Oct. 5, Gardner-Webb; 12, UNC Pembroke; 19, Bye; 26, at Charleston Southern.

Nov. 2, at Coastal Carolina; 9, Wesley (Del.); 16, at Old Dominion; 23, at Morehead State.

2014 (subject to change)

Aug. 28, at Campbell.

Sept. 6, Johnson C. Smith; 13, at N.C. Central; 20, Bye; 27, Charleston Southern.

Oct. 4, at Gardner-Webb; 11, at The Citadel; 18, Bye; 25, Old Dominion.

Nov. 1, at Western Carolina; 8, Coastal Carolina; 15, Wesley (Del.); 22, Morehead State.

Other seasons' schedules (subject to change):

2015: at FBS Georgia State (Sept. 3)*; FCS Presbyterian (Sept. 12), FBS Temple (Oct. 3), plus eight CUSA games.

2016: at FBS Temple (Sept. 24), plus eight CUSA games.

2019: at FBS Virginia Tech (TBA), plus eight CUSA games.

*-Tentative, contract not yet signed.
Note: A home game against FCS Western Carolina after 2015 has yet to be scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Temple is a bif addition. I hope we can keep our basketball "rivalry" with them.

Anonymous said...

what a tough schedule, maybe they could sign up some tough teams like Independence or Mallard Creek or maybe even Butler

Anonymous said...

To the 10:56 genius......Charlotte's first 2 years schedule is actually tougher than most recent start-up programs.

Anonymous said...

This is newsworthy? How about some more information about the practices?

Anonymous said...

If you listened to 95% of the fanbase, they would be the best team in the ACC their first season in FBS, and will be national title contenders soon after.

Other than Old Dominion who do they play that would be condisered difficult? Chowan? JC Smith? Wesley? Georgia State played Alabama in their first season.

Anonymous said...

Best in the not possible.
Best in North Carolina... that may be between us and State.

Anonymous said...

UH, no. I'm fairly sure you don't talk to 95% of Charlotte's fanbase nor do 95% of them post here. Please don't post baseless claims.

Anonymous said...

Being the best football program in NC is sort of like being the biggest mountain in Florida. It doesn't take much. One NC team will probably be on probation AGAIN in a few years, but this time longer than 1 year. ECU has maybe one good year in 4, Duke has one good year once a decade, Wake has a good team twice a decade. App does not even count because they are small college.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares? What a mistake to perpetually "under-schedule." By the third year they should be playing mid-majors. They risk people tuning out by the 3rd/4th year. Fans need to get smart and demand a better product by not attending.

Anonymous said...

The third year they will be playing 8 games in CUSA. I'm not sure of what your definition of "mid major" is. I think that term is usually applied to basketball.
Thanks for your input. Low attendance will certainly help to put a better product on the field by cutting off funds, which we all know are not necessary to run a program.

Anonymous said...

In our 3rd year, our schedule will be tougher than App State, Western Carolina, Elon, NC A&T, NC Central, Coastal Carolina, and many others.

Anonymous said...

Of course I don't talk to 95% of the grads. I don't talk to anybody in Gastonia, so there's 50%, and I don't speak Pakistani, so there's another 30% or so.

95% of their fans positing here. I'm pretty sure you know what I meant. I mean, UNCC is a bad school, but that bad?

I think you are going to surprised as to just how bad you are going to be when you get to FBS. A crappy school with a crappy athletic department in a crappy part of town.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is just as fact filled as the original post. We know one thing for sure and that is that 100% of people who are you have a low opinion of UNC Charlotte and 100% of people who are me think you are a moron.
Of course, your references to Gastonia and Pakistan are intended as put downs of Charlotte and you are too dim to realize they are really put downs of yourself.

Anonymous said...

To all those who are convinced we are going to go 0-11/0-12 for the first 50 years of our program's existence: If you hate us so bad, what are you doing on this blog? Your time would be far better invested by visiting sites and blogs of the teams you like.

Besides, you're dreaming. Have you looked at C-USA football recently? At this moment, we have 28 redshirt freshmen, and that's it. But Memphis, TOO-lane and UAB are so awful, we could probably beat them right now. And we will blow by Southern Miss and UNC Greenville in short order. We have a good coaching staff that are relentless recruiters and a definite plan on what type of team they want to field. Our program is in good hands and will be a good one.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This guy is just mad because "his" school keeps getting sanctioned. You should probably straighten up the African American Studies department before you come tell us how to run our school.

Anonymous said...

Why do the Niner bashers always seem to be brainless and clueless? Bash us if you want, but at least make valid statements and please stop sounding like a ninth grade dropout.