Thursday, December 20, 2012

49ers football signs two 4-year transfers

The 49ers added some experience to their football program Thursday, signing two senior transfers from four-year colleges: wide receiver Mikel Hunter from Air Force and tight end CJ Crawford from Marshall.

“With the addition of these two guys we satisfied our need to continue to put age on our team,” coach Brad Lambert said in a statement. “We added some much needed senior leadership to our team.”

Hunter (5-foot-9) is from Rockdale, Ga., had 19 catches for 350 yards in his three-year career with the Falcons (he didn't play in 2012), also rushing for 380 yards and three touchdowns. He scored on an 80-yard run against South Dakota in Air Force's 2011 season opener.

“He’s a senior wideout that brings a lot of speed to the table,” Lambert said. “He has a lot of experience playing at a high level at Air Force. We can throw him the ball or hand him the ball -- he’s done both for them. We’re excited to have him join our program.”

Crawford (6-2) graduated from Marshall earlier this month and will be a graduate student at Charlotte. He caught 11 passes for 107 yards last season for the Thundering Herd and had 21 receptions for 175 yards as a sophomore. He caught a 3-yard, game-winning touchdown pass against Louisville in 2011.

“CJ plays in the H-Back spot and we think we can move him around,” Lambert said. “We can use him as a wideout, a tight end, a back. He’s athletic and can stretch the field for us and he brings a lot of versatility to our offense.”


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naCharlotte 49ers better keep it all clean as a whistle or else you see how rogue corrupted and deceitful today's college football and basketball to a lesser degree has become.

The Hon. ex Gov Jim Martin is the only one with GUTS to go to UNC Chapel Hill and get to the ugly filthy root of the problem that goes back to 1997 and total fraud lies and crime.

So what about the local one semester Auburn draft pick Newton who is adorned with lavish praises by the local yocal scampering media mice? Is it not the pinnacle of hypocrisy to allow such a massive scale of crime and NCAA as his to be ignored?

And they offer him as a role model for students? This is laughable and a stench.

Clean up the NCAA and then search it and clean it up again.

Lastly clean up the dirty money grubbing filthy NFL and cheat players and so the same for all pro sports next arrest the criminals.

Its all relative ... Stop using your phony bogus religion to write articles about scammers too. That is the pits.


str8talk said...

Why would a player in their senior season at AF come to UNCC to play one year of basic D2/iA fOOTBALL.I know when a student leaves the service academies he or she has to pay back all the tuition money.A player getting scholarship money from Charlotte while owing AF, kind of strange.I can see the graduate student coming in I know the AF degree is a very prestigeous ,Just dont understand someone getting out when they have already put in the hard part.

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Whats the matter anon 7:44...did Cam hurt your favorite college team?

Just for the record, the NCAA and about a hundred sports media hacks tried to hang Cam and found NOTHING wrong. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

That 11-11 HS record ( too funny) makes Scam Newton the epitome of everything wrong with NCAA sports and was too close on the heels of Reggie Bush and USCal major scandal that took the USCal title and Bush's Heisman and tainted him perm.

AU with Newton was guilty as homemade sin and playing the Bonnie and Clyde pass the buck scheme. Pappy and Nappy were in it 50/50.

Then again 11-11 in high school or 50% laughable winning ratio was 50%.

So far in the NFL he is 12-19 as an unqualified for a whopping 38.7% winning ratio

(check out the 3 top rookies in 2012 - no comparison)

Granted he did go 15-0 at AU in 2010 for one semester but he went from a community college joke to a pre-NFL team. QB Pee Wee Herman could have gone 15-0 with a team like that plus the FG at the last second won the title against Oregon whose QB Thomas ate him for a light snack and won MVP of the game.

Newton is the biggest hyped concocted fluke
since Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Newton tops the Guiness Book of World Records for a 11-11 HS QB becoming an NFL starter with kindergarten education level.

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