Monday, January 28, 2013

Video: ECU player and former Niner Shamarr Bowden ejected for punches in loss to UTEP

Former Charotte 49ers basketball player Shamarr Bowden, now a senior at East Carolina, was ejected from Saturday's loss to UTEP for throwing two punches at the Miners' Konner Tucker.

East Carolina says it will decide if Bowden is disciplined further sometime Monday.


Anonymous said...

Not as bad as that beatdown I watched GW hand out Saturday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Does this have something to do with 49er athletics?Dude is now at ECU and thank God for that. He quit the Charlotte program and likely would never have been here to begin with under the current coaching staff.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... I'd guess 1:02 is either a Pirates fan that's deflecting and can't stand the thought that Charlotte owns them in basketball, or they're a former Niners fan that can't get over that Bobby Lutz isn't here anymore and probably has the initials TC. Either way, I'm not sure why you're in a Niners message board, but thanks for taking time to contribute with your very relevant comment!

As for the situation that this post is actually about, when Bowden first came to Charlotte, I really thought he was going to be the answer to our lack of a shooter after Leemire left. It soon became evident that not only did he not make this team better, but he actually made it worse. And this situation absolutely confirms in my mind that if he was still on our team, we would still be on the decline instead of improving. GW definitely proved that we have more improving to do than we thought, but we'll get there. On the other hand, Lebo better hope Kemp sticks around next season or else he'll be back to his old losing ways.