Friday, February 22, 2013

Mayfield dismissed from 49ers

Junior guard DeMario Mayfield, who had been suspended from the Charlotte 49ers' men's basketball team since Jan. 30 for violating athletics department policy, has been dismissed from the team, athletics director Judy Rose and coach Alan Major are announcing today.

Mayfield was 49ers' leading scorer at the time of his suspension, averaging 11.7 points and 3.6 rebounds.

Mayfield was Major's first recruit, transferring to Charlotte from Georgia in 2010.

Mayfield had already been suspended for the first two games of this season for breaking team rules.

Mayfield also was suspended for one game last season after being arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession, a charge that was later dropped.

“The coaching staff wants to wish DeMario the best in his future endeavors,” Major said in a statement. “We will continue to move forward as a team.”



Anonymous said...

icsGood luck Demario. Sorry to see you go and will be pulling for you moving forward. Put your mistakes behind you and make the best with your degree and your tremendous ability to play basketball.

Anonymous said...

niners have a good record. but its lipstick on a pigg. a bad program thats getting worse by the year.

NinerMike said...

Niners keep improving and that's undisputed. Take your negativity elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Way to go DeMariom get it all handed to you on a silver platter and you go and throw it away. Again, way to go. Don't worry about it though, you'll likely as not never have to work a day in your life. Sire a couple kids, get on welfare and you're set! Free housing, free healthcare, free food, free cable TV, free utilities, free everything. With all that right around the corner, I wouldn't shoot for anything higher either. Best of luck to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Damn stupid. Up in smoke. What a waste of talent. Major's first recruit. Another year, another dismissal.

Unknown said...

Main man can't get off the Kuush.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see the contrast among ninernation reactions to the news of a player getting dismissed. One player (the one that got arrested) is given well-wishes and hopes that he lands on his feet. Another player (no arrests / 2nd team all-A10) has been crucified on the board for over two years now.

The agendas between the two coaching staffs is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Sad that a young man with so much talent and possibilities throws it away for sake of getting high.

Anonymous said...

Sad that it matters what he does in his free time

InTheShackBakinMuffins said...

As an alum of UNC Charlotte I am extremely proud of the growing campus. However, the sports program needs some serious addressing.

Rose hired the defensive coordinator from Wake Forest over high profile candidates like Chuck Amato. Amato coached big time players like Philip Rivers and has a ton of experience recruiting in Florida. Name one thing that Brad Lambert has done.

The basketball hire is even a bigger mystery. Alan Major is known for coaching 1 and done Greg Oden. That is literally the extent of his resume. Since Major has been hired he has twice dismissed the best player on the team. He has managed to construct one of the easiest schedules in college basketball. If you look at the Lutz era he too averaged one upset per year, but with Lutz we actually played good schools.

Rose also has managed to alienate the only history we have at UNCC. Years ago Cedric Maxwell acknowledged on air that he would be interested in a basketball role with the university and he was puzzled why the 49ers never reached out to him. When Lutz was fired Judy Rose never even made a call to Maxwell.

After Rose announced Charlotte was moving to Conference USA she did a bunch of radio interviews saying how we are going to be a big rival with ECU. Apparently Judy didn't read in the news where ECU was trying to leave the conference. Now that ECU is going to the Big East, what was the point of leaving the A-10? The A-10 is getting Butler and a few other good basketball schools while we are getting less relevant.

Can somebody please explain to me why we named the football center after Rose?

Anonymous said...

the program will continue to sputter downwards until they clean house in the athletic department. top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

Mike says anyone criticizing the Observer should be banned from Halton Arena and some of you Niners need to learn your place.

Anonymous said...

"We" did not name the field house after Rose. Dale Halton donated the $ and therefore has the right to name the thing however she pleases. Sorry if this makes you unhappy.
If you really thing Maxwell would make a good coach, you may be smokin' something stronger than what got Mayfield kicked off the team. Cedric was a damned fine basketball player and does a good job as Celtic color man, but those are not reasons to hire him as a coach.

Do we even need to discuss Chuck the Chest? Are there lots of schools wanting to hire this man as head coach?

I guess you knew for sure that ECU would be successful in changing conferences. No one else did, so congratulations to you.

Go back and check Lutz's OOC schedules. There were plenty of below average teams on them and Charlotte mysteriously managed to lose to a few of them.

InTheShackBakinMuffins said...

Reread what I posted. I said "basketball role". I didn't say head coach. He wanted to apart of the program and Rose totally ignored him. If Maxwell would be involved in the program it would excite alum and people who haven't cared about the program for years.

And do you really think Brad Lambert is a better coach than Chuck Amato? College sports is ALL about recruiting. Amato spent 20 years at Florida State. He knows the recruiting trails in Florida very well. The NFL is full of players that went to high school in Florida. Amato would have brought a mix of local and Florida talent.

Don't even try to defend Major's schedule this season. Only one opponent has been in the top 25 when they played (Miami was unranked when they played). It is a joke. They are going to finish the season with a winning record but do not stand a chance making of the tournament.

And as far as ECU goes, the rumors had been reported since last spring. Google it.

I'm just tired of seeing so many good people support the school while we have an incompetent Athletic Director that makes every season feel like Bill Murray's Groundhog Day.

Anonymous said...

The athletic director does not choose the assistant coaches for the head coach. The AD might reject someone the head coach wants because of a background check [Chapel Hill should have done in their football program] , but that's all. I'm not sure what role Maxwell had in mind, or even if he was seriously interested. He has been known to joke around.

Major wants an entirely different type of player than Lutz did. Thus, he's had to pretty much build from the ground up. Would you schedule a bunch of Top 20 teams when the bulk of your team was underclassmen, particularly with at least a half dozen strong opponents in you own conference?
This isn't meant as an excuse, but just a reality.

I don't know why a great coach like Amato would even apply for a job working for Rose. Maybe he thought she was not so incompetent, after all?

There's no scarcity of rumors. Would you have us remain as an FCS football program because of a rumor that ECU was leaving CUSA?

One of the easiest things in the world to do is to point out perceived faults of others. Rose ain't perfect for sure. Maybe the next AD will be better, but there's no guarantee.

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, which is sometimes right, Chuck Amato is currently asst. coach at Toledo and is 66 years old. Perhaps his age had something to do with not being hired at Charlotte. That seems sort of late in life to be starting up a program.
I have no idea why he is no longer at Florida State, unless they fired the whole staff sometime recently.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Amato is now the DC at Akron who went 1-11 this season. This is the same Akron that beat UNC-R when Chuck was a head coach. If/when Charlotte goes 1-11 next season - there will be fans like biscuit boy saying how horrible that record is.

Go back to your shack metroll!

NinerMike said...

I liked the days when metro would post his name next to his deragatory comments about the university. Now he's starting to hide behind anonymous because his credibility has been ruined as Niner athletics improve and he continues to be served the best crow Charlotte has to offer.

Mk's daddy said...

Ummm real metro here stormtroopers. I NEVER wanted Amato. I have been outwardly positive on Lambert. Carry on. -tc

InTheShackBakinMuffins said...

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that playing weak opponents will make our young team better. Look at history. The Carolina team with May/McCants/Felton took a lot of beatings and went to the NIT during their freshmen year. That team ended up winning a national title with those core players only 2 years later. This past weekend Wake Forest upset Miami. After the game all the coach would talk about is how glad he is that his young players are getting valuable experience against a top 5 team like Miami.

Rose may not hire assistant coaches, but she is in charge of the program. In the past 10 years how many times has Maxwell been back to the school to be honored? Do any of the current students even know who he is? Do any current students even know we went to a final 4?

When Rose first announced the football plans, she said we would gradually become a Division 1 school. Then she announced we would move to Conference USA and begin playing there in the 2015 season. Why would a "knowledgeable" AD make a decision about a football conference 3 years before they even play a game in that conference? Especially in the middle of this conference realignment nightmare. She moved us to Conference USA which is a terrible basketball conference. The A-10 is becoming one of the top 3 basketball conferences in the country and we are leaving it to become less relevant.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not hiding behind anything. If any of you want to discuss this or anything else feel free to contact me via my website (right now it is just my resume, but I am eventually going to turn it into a site and blog).

Please, please tell me how "Niner athletics are improving"? I'm only talking about football and basketball.

I'm not a hater. I'm not a negative nancy. I'm just a guy who attended a University for 3 years and is fed up with the athletic administration. Both of my parents are also alums. My parents have contributed to 49er athletics my entire life. When you are a fan who dwells in mediocrity for that long you either have a strong opinion or just get used to it. I refuse to see money from the good alum base go to waste because of an unqualified AD.

Anonymous said...

Really? You want to compare Chapel Hill's schedule with ours? You think maybe if Alan Major had the same players Roy had, he might have scheduled a little stronger? Are you absolutely certain that the staff didn't try to schedule schools other than the ones we ended up with? Do you think, for example, Kentucky will play us home and home if we just give them a chance?

Basketball has an alumni game every freakin' season.
Many guys are proud enough of their school to come back. Cedrick Maxwell ain't one of those guys. The Video board plays replays of the 1977 win, which propelled UNCC to the Final Four, EVERY home game. I suppose that if Judy had more free time she could go down the Union and stop students at random with "Hey, did you know we were in the Final Four 35 years ago? " You're blaming Rose because some students are not aware of our history?

The A10 is on the way to being a top 3 basketball conference? You'd be the first to complain if we remained in that league, only to have the strongest members pull out and leave us with no football conference AND a shitty basketball league. Like you said, there is no assurance that any league will be same in 3 years.

Anonymous said...


Oh, and by the way, there's a little matter of NCAA rule requiring us to play 2 years of FCS football before moving to CUSA. All other sports move to CUSA next year.

Anonymous said...

they gonna kill that runt waterboy faggot one day

Anonymous said...

cline always was a piece of shit in school

InTheShackBakinMuffins said...

You took my example out of context. I was just using the UNC example to show the correlation between a tough schedule and player improvement.

You do not have to be Chapel Hill to schedule strong. The year Davidson went to the Elite 8 they played UNC, Duke, and UCLA (all top ten schools) during the regular season. It is far easier to schedule top 25 programs than you think. About every other year Time Warner Cable is used for the NCAA tournament. Coaches LOVE for their teams to get game experience in tournement arenas. In a tournament year it would be easy for Charlotte to schedule any top 25 school to come and play at TWC Arena.

Let's all just stop making excuses for the 49ers and start holding people accountable. There are too many good people out there giving money to a clueless program.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to THIS year's 49er squad, it is my opinion that they were not ready for a strong OOC schedule. I'll concede that we can sometimes get teams to come downtown to play, sometimes in return for playing them a return game at their true home court on campus. BTW, I heard from Lutz himself that Chapel Hill would play us downtown, but that he wouldn't do it because Roy wanted control over the tickets. It's not so easy dealing with "elite" programs as you may think.

You are tired of seeing people give money to a "clueless" program? Sorry, but who the Hell are you?
Don't come to games or give money, but mind your own business about what others do. Some people assign value to running a clean program and helping many young people find their way to the beginning of a successful life.

Signed, Cedrick Maxwell and Chuck Amato