Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Charlotte 49ers pull out of '13 ODU game

Another Charlotte-Old Dominion football game has been canceled.

This season's Old Dominion football schedule made available Wednesday at Conference USA's football media day in Irving, Texas, lists Nov. 16 -- the original date for a game between the 49ers and Monarchs in Norfolk, Va. -- as TBA.

Charlotte will fill its Sept. 21 open date with James Madison and leave Nov. 16 open.

The Virginian-Pilot is reporting that the 49ers canceled the game between the two future Conference USA football members, apparently unhappy after the Monarchs did the same earlier this month to a 2014 game scheduled for Charlotte's Richardson Stadium.

A 49ers source confirmed the cancellation. But a university spokesman said no immediate announcement was planned.

The Virginian-Pilot is also reporting that C-USA commissioner Brittain Banowsky tried to mediate the situation between Charlotte and Old Dominion, but a resolution couldn't be reached.

ODU, which started its football program in 2009, is moving up from the NCAA's Football Championship Subdivison in 2014 for Conference USA, which plays in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Charlotte begins football this season as an FCS independent and will join C-USA in football in 2015.

49ers athletics officials visited ODU in 2011 to see how the Monarchs' football operations were run. Charlotte has considered ODU and Texas-San Antonio (another recent start up that has also jumped to C-USA) as models.


Anonymous said...

Replaced with a home and home against JMU.

Anonymous said...

That's cool. It seems like Charlotte is working behind the scenes to try to help JMU into Conference USA which wouldn't be bad for either school.

Just an aside ... I remember when the CAA wanted to invite Charlotte in for all sports at a time when a future C-USA invite seemed probable. 99.9% of JMU fans were like, "Well, we think you're making a mistake, but good luck!" and then later "Well, Charlotte got that fbs invite they expected. Good for them."

All except for one mentally ill JMU fan named dukie. He'd spend all day screaming about how arrogant we were or whatever. Reminded me of that App fan gonzo. Whatever happened to dukie? I assumed a blood vessel burst in his head or something.

Anonymous said...

One- JMU has no intention of moving up.
Two- JMU has 11 games on its schedule even if those dates are open. I doubt they want to add one just to come to CLT and play the 'Giners.
- Have fun with A&T... lol

Anonymous said...

Up until this point the 9er football program has done very well for itself. Now that the AD is actually getting involved we will watch it all go to shit.

Anonymous said...

As an App fan, I can admit that Gonzo is the worst kind of fan. Know-it-all, above everything attitude. Makes the silent majority of App fans looks bad.

Anonymous said...

Try to keep up - JMU home and home already confirmed. Apparently Niners travel to JMU Sept. 21 of 2013, Dukes visit Charlotte in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10 -
I know a lot of App grads, and am inclined to agree with you. Most all of you are great, but he gives you all a bad rep. Cant you ship him off to Tar Heel fan land, where he can fit in a bit better?

Anonymous said...

anon 110 - Hah! Yeah, like the old saying goes, every organization wants to be judged by their best 99%, not their worst 1%. Nobody thinks the gonzos or dukies reflect their own fanbase. Otherwise, we'd all assume those schools were 100% packed with mental patients screaming at buildings.

Anonymous said...

I already purchased season tickets expecting to play Old Dominion. If we repalce them with a school for the deaf and dumb I'll be pissed. What does Davidsons schedule look like this season?

Anonymous said...

Gonzo's delivery is crafted to incite opposing fans and views. having said that he does speak the truth more than not. Judy dumping ODU was a petty move and reflects poorly on Charlotte. ODU's cancellation wasn't any better but a new program needs to look the other way until it becomes competitive. Go Apps and good luck Charlotte. You are going to need it.

Lenn Long said...

Better headline would have been,
"49er's Give ODU The Shaft"

Anonymous said...

Just a review:

From the 'CUSA to the rescue!' article:

"ODU officials said the decision by C-USA (athletic directors) saved them from the difficult task of trying to schedule 12 games as an FBS independent. They acknowledged they would have had a difficult time scheduling quality opponents."


From the "ODU cancels 2014 football game at Charlotte" article in the Virginian Pilot:

"'Now that we're in FBS, that has changed our scheduling mindset," (ODU asst. AD) Stewart said."


From the "UNC Charlotte pulls out of Nov. game against ODU" article in the Virginian Pilot:

"The cancellation leaves ODU with the difficult task of finding a team to play on very short notice. No Division I teams appear to have an open date on Nov. 16, so ODU is left with the unenviable option of trying to schedule a Division II or NAIA school."

Poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

1:39, you are dead wrong about Gonzo. 99.9% of his posts are BS. As for Charlotte, it simply did what it needed to AFTER ODU dropped them from 2014 schedule. In order to fill that home date, we had to find a home and home. Nobody would just fill the one date.

Anonymous said...

So ODU needs favors from 12 CUSA schools to become FBS.

Then ODU cancels a game against a CUSA school because they're FBS

Now ODU loses a tv game and may have to schedule a DII/NAIA school to avoid having to refund hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket and perhaps adjust sponsorship figures.

Moral of the story: Don't be a prick. It'd be funny is FoxSports carries the Charlotte/JMU game to fill the hole in their time slot.

Unknown said...

1:55 is right. Once ODU pulled out of the '14 game, we had no choice but to back out of this year's game. It makes no difference at all, because starting in 2015 we'll be playing them every year.

1:10 - you and all the other people with irrational hatred for our AD need to come up with some hard evidence. And the Alan Major hire is insufficient. Rose is the AD that hired Bobby Lutz, Loren Hibbs, Brad Lambert and our last 4 soccer, golf and women's hoops coaches - and all the golf, soccer and women's coaches had stellar records and left us for bigger programs. Men's hoops is the only sport that has declined, and even that is turning around (7 wins his first year, 21 last year). So whatever has caused you to hate her so much, it's not based on the win-loss records of the coaches she has hired.

Anonymous said...

1:11 Its not on JMU's or UNCC's schedule yet. Until it is, you are posting hearsay. I think you have them confused with JCSU. again, lol.

Anonymous said...


I hope an away game would not have made a difference in whether or not you bought season tickets for 2013. It's the exact same home schedule, and if you wanted to go to the ODU game, you would have been buying another ticket anyway. Sorry you're so disappointed, but season tickets shouldn't be a factor here.

Anonymous said...

I heard we had to cancel the ODU game because it conflicted with a volleyball match...

Bush league move by Judy to cancel this years game. Should have scheduled App.

She has done NOTHING for corporate sponserships and capital gifts campaign. She basically gave away the lifetime naming rights.

FSL and season tickets got absolutely no maketing after the initial drive.

Jerseys are bought with the nickel plan.

Still no lights in the stadium.

I cant wait to watch them screw up tailgating.

Anonymous said...

Plus not enough bathrooms for temporary seating...I thought the stadium was designed to be expanded!?!

Anonymous said...

lol 3:15 is metro.

Anonymous said...

I bet we will have the same cheerleading uniforms weve used for the last 25 years in basketball... cant have any bare midriffs on a hot September afternoon!

Our cheerleaders cant show there stomachs but Judy can show her bare arms! *vomit*

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the female cheerleaders have uniforms that bare the midriff.
Absolutely sure you need to get a life

Anonymous said...

Athletic Department Dress Code
Section 2: Cheerleaders

2.1.1 - Cheerleadering uniforms can only reveal a bare middriff when both female cheerleaders arms are raised above her head. Waistline of females skirt must cover the belly button.

2.1.2 - White longsleeve turtlenecks shall be worn underneath cheerleading top on non-weekend game days.

Section 3: Gold Dusters

3.1.4 - For Safety reasons female dancers hair shall only be worn in a bun.

Brandon said...

My guess is it had to do with paying money. Traditionally, a FBS school pays a FCS school an allotment of money to play them because it's supposed to be an easy win for the FBS team. I'm wondering if we were trying to get ODU to pay Charlotte money for the 2014 game, and when they refused they bailed out. So in retaliation, we bailed out on them for the 2013 game. It's unfortunate because ODU taught Charlotte a lot on issues regarding the startup of a football program, so I always had a positive viewpoint on ODU. If we're forced to play each other in 2015, it'll make for a good rivalry.

Anonymous said...

UNCcee is garbage

Anonymous said...

anon 458

No need to wonder any more. ODU explained their reasoning in several news outlets. They had two FCS games on their schedule and decided to drop our game to get an FBS game. Whether ODU may have been motivated by money, I don't know. All I know is Charlotte had nothing to do with it.

JMU offered us a home-and-home for 2013 & 2014. So Charlotte replaced two games with ODU for two games with JMU.

No conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Why continue to cover such a POS school? No one in this city cares about UNC Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

I think we have found a new rival!!


Anonymous said...

Someone help me out with this crossword puzzle. Looking for an 8 letter word that begins with "B" and ends with "HURT". The description says "App State fan commenting about the Charlotte 49ers".

Anonymous said...

James - Judy has far under performed on the business side of things. While the athletics on the fields have been solid the athletic foundation under her leadership has not grown. Our marketing is awful and we do not have the ties we should with the Charlotte business community. It really isn't what she has done, it is what she hasn't done.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell Fighting Camels played their first ever season playing football in 2008. They won 1 game.

Midway through the 2009 season, Old Dominion played the non-scholarship Camels in front of a sellout home crowd.

Campbell led Old Dominion at halftime. ODU needed two 4th qtr TDs to defeat Campbell 28-17.

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to acknowledge that our teams have done a good job on the field of play.
Judy Rose personally does a good job of reaching out to the business community in Charlotte. In case you haven't noticed, there was a significant business downturn starting in 2007. The foundation does a poor job, in my opinion, of soliciting support from our graduate population. I suppose Judy could micromanage her foundation personnel to perform better, but I doubt she has the time.

Anonymous said...

@1:10 pm
"Up until this point the 9e football program has done well for itself. Now that the AD is actually getting involved we will watch it all go to shit"

You are an idiot if you really think the AD has not been involved from the beginning. You have no idea what happened as far as the ODU cancellations are concerned. My guess is that ODU acted in its own self interest and that our AD replied in kind.

Anonymous said...

You yourself are just as clueless on the workings of the atheltic department. Mac Everett pushed the Lambert hire - best decision yet. Lambert and his staff were given a budgeted amount to build the team including assistants, equipment, uniforms etc. From the looks of the uniforms it was a small budget. Just as Lutz and Major built their schedules each season so did Lambert.

Starting fiscal year July 1 the AD starts getting their nose into things. Sure ODU canceled first. This made Judy start looking at the payouts for each game, and since she is afraid to schedule App State, she goes with the next cheapest option available - JMU. Her classless, frugal, backwoods attitude is what got us kicked out of CUSA the first time!

Anonymous said...

UH, Mac Everett is a Hell of a guy. If you are telling me he hires any of our coaches, I call obvious B.S.

Anonymous said...

11:58-----is 100% clueless, I can assure everyone of that. He could not be more ignorant on this subject.

Anonymous said...

11:58 am is

A) Trolling
B) Needing of adjustment to his tinfoil hat
C) Tim Collie
D) All of the above

Anonymous said...


This came out of your ass, not from some athletic dept dress code.
How do I know this? You gave yourself away with that "Goldusters hair in a bun" stuff. Numerous videos and pictures contradict this.
Good trolling, though.

Anonymous said...

11:58-----is 100% ass kisser, I can assure everyone of that. He must be on the athletic department staff... which means his spouse is on staff as well. #family

Mac endorsed the Lambert hire. Judy was looking for someone with a Villa 7 reference!
villa 7 is just for basketball

Anonymous said...

That "thing" you guys have for an AD played the tit for tat game with ODU and then got JMU to go home and home. Essentially the same level of competition, likely will be two losses for the Noners, but it would be a good measuring stick since JMU seems to be heading to the Sun Belt with App and GaSo. I for one would like to see UNC-C roll the dice and call App for a game in Boone the first CUSA year. Pretty sure the App admins would jump at the fact the Noners are showing some balls with that sort of move. It is too bad the "thing" and other CEE fans think that it is beneath them.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Canceling this seasons ODU game with short notice cost UNCC $250,000! There is no way you can call Judy cheap. Idiot!

Kim Tollie said...

I love Judy Rose

Anonymous said...


Source please. ODU's message board does not count as a credible source, so don't list it as such BTW.