Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charlotte 49ers' football depth chart

Here's the 49ers' football 2-deep depth chart:

WR: Mikel Hunter, Will Thomas
WR: Trent Bostick, E.J. Rhinehart
LT: Jamal Covington, Eugene German
LG: Mason Sledge, Casey Perry
C: Thomas La Bianca, Jarred Barr
RG: Daniel Blitch, Zach Thomas
RT: Danny Book, Wolfgang Zacherl
H: Justin Bolus, C.J. Crawford
Y: C.J. Crawford, Mark Montini
Slot: Austin Duke, Corey Nesmith Jr.
RB: Alan Barnwell, Kalif Phillips
QB: Matt Johnson, Lee McNeill or Patrick O'Brien

DE: Brandon Banks, Devin Clegg
NT: Larry Ogunjobi, Tanner Fleming
DE: James Middleton, Devon Johnson
OLB: Nico Alcalde, Mark Hogan
ILB: Terry Caldwell, Kendal Parker
ILB: Micah Bryan, Caleb Clayton-Molby
OLB: Mark Pettit, Mark Hogan or Justin  Bridges-Thompson
CB: Terrance Winchester, Greg Cunningham Jr.
S: Desmond Cooper, Ardy Holmes
S: Martay Mattox, Daquan Lucas
CB: Tank Norman, Cortezz Nixon or Devin Pearson

K: Blake Brewer or Stephen Muscarello
P: Brandon Strupp
LS: Keaston Sinicki
KR: Mikel Hunter, Martay Mattox
PR: Mikel Hunter,
HLD: Patrick O'Brien

A few thoughts:

-- Trent Bostick, a former Richmond Senior High star, is the only true freshman listed as a starter (aside from kicker Blake Brewer). After Jamel Ross (knee) went out for the season, Bostick emerged in August to grab the first-team spot from E.J. Rhinehart (Northwest Cabarrus).

-- Expect senior outside linebacker Mark Hogan to get a lot of snaps and to possibly break into the starting lineup soon. Hogan has been battling a hamstring injury for the past few weeks.

-- The backup quarterback spot competition is still too close to call between Lee McNeill and Patrick O'Brien.

-- The 49ers' spread offense will feature different formations that will feature an H back and a Y back (hybrids of tight end/running back/fullback). That's why there are 12 positions listed on offense (with no tight end).

-- Coach Brad Lambert says he expects to redshirt these true freshmen: slot receiver Emmit Afam, defensive end Nick Carroll, linebacker Dustin Crouser, cornerback Nicholas Halmon, offensive guard Tevin Lawshe, linebacker Jordan Starnes and H back Jachin Watkins. He's hopeful he can redshirt offensive lineman Eugene German and Wolfgang Zacherl, but they're listed as second teamers and might be called on to play.

-- Keaston Sinicki (Charlotte Catholic) won the starting long-snapper job.


Anonymous said...

Go Niners!
Cant Wait!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this outfit. Is this some new urban private school? Must be part of private Charlotte Law School.
Still it sounds stupid since another UNC school has that mascot.

Or does he mean UNCC 49ers?


Anonymous said...

Confusing if you are profoundly retarded.

Anonymous said...



ASU 03

Anonymous said...

sorry unc concord most of these players can't start for the local high schools. But then again with your schedule you are playing against high schools.

Anonymous said...

Trolls with PMS!

MP ASU 2003 said...


Mike Minter is OK. but I LOOOOOOOVE Cam Newton! I love him more than being rolled by the boys in uniform down Bragg Blvd!!!!!

Cut that panther waterboy Armani Edwards! He absolutely sucks! Sucks more than chris leak or tim tebows!

MP ASU 2003

Posted by: MP ASU 2003 | August 29, 2013 at 11:52 AM

MP ASU 2003 said...


Give Cam a long term deal just like I imagine he has a long something else...

Cut the waterboy Armani Edwards! We Have TGJ to do returns now! Why is that bum on the field????

MP ASU 2003

Posted by: mp ASU 2003 | August 29, 2013 at 11:57 AM

Anonymous said...

Reading these stupid comments by App State fans make it pretty obvious why App State has no doctoral programs and only a small handful of masters programs. The school must be the equivalent of a 4 year junior college.

Anonymous said...

If you think this guy is really a App State alum from 2003 you are up a creek without a paddle. More than likely it is a Tarheel fan trolling you or a Concord fan looking to stir the pot......and it worked on you.