Thursday, November 14, 2013

Charlotte 49ers football gets commitments from two DEs

As the 49ers basketball team awaits letters-of-intent from Keyshawn Woods and Torin Dorn during this early-signing period, the football team picked up two commitments on the defensive line this week.

Cam Darley is a 6-3, 223-pound defensive end from Manning, S.C., who will play in the Shrine Bowl. He chose the 49ers over Appalachian State, Charleston Southern, S.C. State and Presbyterian.

Zach Duncan, a 6-3, 220-pounder from East Forsyth, had previously committed to Ball State but changed his mind.

Here's an updated list of Charlotte 19 commitments to date:

Christian Asher, ATH, 6-1, 212, Woodberry Forest, Va.

Brooks Barden, QB, 6-3, 200, Cartersville, Ga.

Chris Brown, OL, 6-4, 280, Vance

Tristan Butcher, LB, 6-2, 230, Coweta, Okla.

Jordan Carswell, WR/DB, 6-4, 180, North Charleston, S.C., Stall

Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, OL, 6-8, 280, Charlotte Christian

Cam Darley, DE, 6-3, 223, Manning, S.C.

Markevis Davis, DB/LB, 6-2, 180, Asheville

Nathaniel Davis, OL, 6-3, 275, Ashburn, Va. Stone Bridge

Zach Duncan, DE, 6-3, 220, East Forsyth

Juwan Foggie, WR, 6-0, 206, High Point Central

Arthur Hart, K, 6-2, 190, Grafton, Wis.

Denzel Irvin, DB, 5-10, 165, Winter Garden, Fla.

 Workpeh Kofa, WR, 6-0, 194, Independence

Chris Montgomery, QB, 5-9, 158, Lawndale Burns

Mark Quattlebaum, WR, 5-11, 170, Cartersville, Ga.

 Maetron Thomas, RB, 5-8, 172, Stockbridge, Ga.

 Najee Tucker, DB, 6-2, 200, West Rowan

R.J. Tyler, TE, 6-4, 230, Wagener-Salley, S.C.


Anonymous said...

UNC 49ers get a few decent picks. Make certain these are academically qualified and can spell their own names correct in cursive on first attempt.

Also make sure no free money as in scholarship or under the table "pay for play" for one semester especially with Jerry Richardson association since he seems to not care if his nfl picks have integrity or a scammer working the system or caught cheating 3 times and kicked out of college or charged for felony theft 3 times. ... Not naming any names ...

Keep it clean in other words.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why there was not a blog about unc concord getting beaten last week by Wesley (whoever that is). I know why....its was a Div 3 school.

what a joke.

Anonymous said...

None of the 18 or 19 charlotte fans went to the game anyways.

They don't care so why should you?

Anonymous said...

You're right only 14,000 showed up...idiot.

Anonymous said...

14,000 were at that game actually.

Anonymous said...

get over it, no one goes to your games. There were more at the local high school game and they stayed until the end.

Anonymous said...

I noticed there was no post on here about the loss against that tough DIV 3 team.....why was that?

Anonymous said...

That "D3 team" would have beaten atleast 50% of the fully funded FCS in the nation.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the 1st comment here, I said the same thing.

The biased blog by CO author is unbelievable. Never discusses real issues such as-
*no one goes to these games
*if they do they leave at 1/2
*the students do not care
*there is really not a market for them in Div 1 FB
*this is 1 step above HS FB
*No one cares about unc concord except many 2-3K of their fans.

This list could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:00am. For starter, there are no real issues. 1.The students got to the game. And even if they did not, somebody had to make that 14,000. The money has already been paid 2. Even if students leave at half time. This is nothing new. When the a team loses the fans tend to go. This happens at SEC, ACC, and Big Team sports. It does not mean that they will not be back next week. 3. This is Charlotte's first year playing football so I expect that there will be some mistakes. As time goes on, eveyrthing will fit into place. 4. We, the students, forgive them. 5. Actually, people do care about us or we ould not have gotten 300 million for an engineering program or the fact that Jerry Richardosn or Dale Hallton or Bank of America or any of the fortune five hundred companies in Charlotte give us millions of dollare for our athletic program. 5. Out correct name is the University of North Carolina in Charlotte not unc-concord. There is not a UNC school in Concord. 6. You really need to stop hating. I know that you may have issues with the university or may be jealous because you went to some other university but that is no reason to put us down. If you want to you can put in an application and wish that you get approved. Other than taht we are one of the fastest growing universities in the country.

Anonymous said...

You post here 6 x per week at 7 am about how people don't care...


Anonymous said...

I think people have a bone to pick that a team and fan base with high thoughts of themselves such as UNC-Hwy 49 Concord, only chooses to cover games where they don't lose to a DIV 3 team who doesn't have a scholarship athlete on their roster. It stinks of censorship, and sells a fairy tale to the low information crowd.......sounds very much like the Obama administration. We cover every game but choose to not even put a snippet about a awful loss to a sub-par team that is two divisions below!

Anonymous said...

unc concord is the best name ever.

It will now stick with me whenever I speak with their fans.

I agree, when they are on tv it looks empty.

Anonymous said...

UNC-Harrisburg is more correct, since that is the closest city / town to the campus. People don't know where Harrisburg is, so they choose to brand themselves UNC-Charlotte. All the TV feeds I see are empty student sections past the first quarter, you can't blame the kids either. They weren't the one's fighting for football back in the day, but are now the people footing a lot of the bills with student fees now. They just aren't into it the way some of the delusional fan base wishes them to be. When you get ran over at home by a Div 3 team it sorta is hard to sell that ticket.

Anonymous said...

Unc hwy 49 & unc Harrisburg comments are completely accurate. Thanks for posting!!

I will stick with unc concord nickname for them and their 3-4K fans.

Anonymous said...

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****** I know right aren't I so coolz!

**This Rulz!

****** OMG I am so funny!!!!!!!!!!!