Friday, February 7, 2014

Observations from Charlotte 49ers loss at Tulane

NEW ORLEANS -- Observations from Charlotte's 64-63 loss at Tulane:

-- Another road loss, Charlotte's fourth in a row since winning at UTEP in their league opener, and it snapped any momentum Charlotte (14-8, 5-4) had in winning two at home last week. Ben Cherry and coach Alan Major attribute the road woes to a lack of energy early, which might have been the case against Tulane, when Charlotte fell behind by 10 in the first half. But they had first-half leads against Rice and Louisiana Tech recently, but couldn't sustain them.

"I wish I had an answer," said coach Alan Major. "We've shown it at times. We had a pretty good week of practice. I can always tell our energy by our voices on defense. In the second half we had the voice and were much more active."

-- The 49ers got back into the game by playing a zone that the Green Wave struggled with. Charlotte had to play that way with Pierria Henry and Willie Clayton both in foul trouble in the second half.

-- It only gets tougher Sunday, when the 49ers play at Southern Miss, which rallied to beat Marshall on Friday. The Golden Eagles (20-3, 7-1) are tied for first place with UTEP.


Anonymous said...

shouldnt a head coach have the answers?

Voices said...

Major hears voices alright.

4 years now, dude is under 500 and has extension

Anonymous said...

"I wish I had the answer." That one comment says more about the status of the Charlotte program and Major's reign as coach then anything else I've read. It's ad hat the guy steering the ship can't figure out the answer. Hey, is that an iceberg? I wish I knew. Ships and basketball programs sink because of wishes.

Anonymous said...

End this nightmare already. Please.

Anonymous said...

Major Disaster. Charlotte's basketball program has become a total joke. I see real potential in the players but the lack of a leader will continue to drag this program down. At least we have football, soccer and baseball to keep the alumni interested.

Anonymous said...

I hope we learn from this loss. Lets wait until the end of the season to judge and not look at individual game performances. We are still a young team and still have a young coach. I will be in Halton next year to support MY team.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys, we're actually 19-3 with 3 bcs wins. It's only due to some unfortunate technicalities such as scoring less points than our opponents that we lost 8 games so far.

A 19-3 team with 3 bcs wins won't lose to southern miss. We're pretty much a lock to win the remaining games on the schedule with Major at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:39: are you Judy posting? It may be "my" team, too. But, Major has embarrassed the program with his lack of leadership. You can have him and your team. I want a program WE can be proud of each year.

It's a process said said...

Yea!!!!! Don't look at individual 300 rpi losses!!!!