Thursday, June 19, 2014

First of 3 surgeries successful for Alan Major

Charlotte 49ers men's basketball coach Alan Major successfully underwent the first of three surgeries he is scheduled to have this summer in early June. The first procedure was on one of his eyes, with a heart operation coming up in mid-July. Major will have surgery on his other eye in August.

Major, who is taking a medical leave of absence to have the operations, is still recovering from the first procedure and expected to return to work by the time school starts later in August.


-- The 49ers' season-opening football game at Campbell on Aug. 28 will start at 7 p.m., Campbell announced Thursday.

-- Match play is coming to Conference USA's men's golf championship. Teams will play 54 holes of stroke play with the top four teams advancing to a four-team seeded match-play playoff. The format change is the same as the NCAA's championship format. C-USA is the first league in the country to go to the format.

-- Charlotte long-jumper Coye Still was one of 15 recipients of Conference USA's Jim Castaneda Postgraduate Scholarship. Still who won the Atlantic 10 long jump event as a junior, will receive a $4,000 scholarship. Still, from Harrisburg's Hickory Ridge High, also received the UNC Charlotte Provost's Athletic Academic Achievement Honor.


Anonymous said...

When is he going to have the surgery to get the stick out of his butt?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Coach...but nobody would blame you if you decided to hang it up and not return next season. You gotta look out for your personal health. Let Odom handle the HC spot.

Anonymous said...

How are the Alan Major Summer Basketball Camps going?

Probably will have Odom doing all the coaching... just like an actual game.

Anonymous said...

The poster at 10:19 does not do his own posts.
A moron does the actual posting

Anonymous said...

The only morons are in the Athletic Department. #truth #family

Tailgate Neo said...

Better for all involved for him to retire

Anonymous said...

The poster at 1:05 has obviously never been to a 49er game coached by Major. I mean Odom.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

David - please keep all the post here related to the 49ers.