Friday, November 21, 2014

Baseball operations temporarily halted, players suspended in hazing investigation

Baseball operations at UNC Charlotte have temporarily stopped and several 49ers players suspended as an investigation into hazing in the baseball program continues.

"We remain in close contact with members of the team and their families and are listening closely to their concerns," UNCC chancellor Phil Dubois said Friday in a statement. "The safety of our students is the foremost priority of the university."

The names of the suspended players weren't released. According to school spokesman Tom Whitestone, baseball operations are defined as player activities such as offseason conditioning, skills instruction and meetings. Coaches are still working.

In a text message to the Observer earlier this week, 49ers coach Loren Hibbs said he could not comment until the investigation is completed.

In Friday's statement, Dubois said the investigation is being conducted outside the athletics department by UNC Charlotte's Student Affairs Division under the direction of the Office of Legal Affairs in accordance with the university's Code of Student Responsibility.

In the student code, hazing is defined as "any activity, intentional or unintentional, by a Student, Student Group, or Student Organization, related to membership in a Student Group or Organization, that endangers the mental, physical, or emotional health of a person, regardless of whether such person has consented to participation in the activity. Any actions that demean, disgrace or embarrass a person may also be considered hazing."

Dubois said more information would be released "as the investigation allows."


Anonymous said...

All this for hazing, wonder what would've happened if the players had taken paper classes instead. Those at Orange County University should take heed.

Anonymous said...

Those players, if guilty, should be kicked off the team immediately. There is no place for this kind of activity on any sports team. Too bad if they have a sucky season due to this incident/incidents.

Anonymous said...

Where is our article about our last second 3 point loss to the 15th ranked Miami Hurricanes on Tuesday night? Halton Arena was finally rocking again. Great game.

Anonymous said...

Played for Hibbs 3 years. He would never allow this. Ever. What 1 or 2 individuals do off campus isn't fault of team nor staff. Hibbs has a track record of classiest coach on campus, graduated 99% of his guys. Get rid of the lone wolfs acting out.

Tim Collie
1995 MVP