Thursday, October 13, 2011

49ers 11th in preseason poll

Charlotte's men's basketball team has been selected to finish 11th in the Atlantic 10 in the league's preseason poll. Xavier is the preseason favorite, followed by Temple.

49ers forward Chris Braswell and guard Derrio Green were both third-team preseason all-conference selections.

Here's what was decided at the league's media day Thursday in Brooklyn, N.Y.:

Preseason order of finish:

1. Xavier (18) 304
2. Temple (4) 287
3. Saint Louis 239
4. St. Bonaventure 217
5. Richmond 196
6. Dayton 168
7. St. Joseph’s 165
8. George Washington 163
9. Duquesne 151
10. Rhode Island 117
11. Charlotte 115
12. Massachusetts 107
13. La Salle 52
14. Fordham 29

All conference
Name School Pos. Yr. Hometown PPG RPG APG
Tu Holloway XU G Sr. Hempstead, N.Y. 19.7 5.0 5.4
Andrew Nicholson SBU F Sr. Mississauga, Ontario 20.8 7.3 1.0
Ramone Moore TU G Sr. Philadelphia, Pa. 15.2 4.2 3.1
Juan Fernandez TU G Sr. Rio Tercero, Argentina 11.2 2.9 3.9
Tony Taylor GW G Sr. Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. 15.0 3.3 4.6

Second team
Name School Pos. Yr. Hometown PPG RPG APG
Mark Lyons XU G Jr. Schenectady, N.Y. 13.6 3.1 3.1
Chris Gaston FOR F Jr. Union City, N.J. 15.9 11.3 1.3
*Kwamain Mitchell SLU G R-Jr. Milwaukee, Wis. 15.9 3.0 3.0
Chris Johnson UD F Sr. Columbus, Ohio 11.9 6.0 1.6
Kenny Frease XU C Sr. Massillon, Ohio 11.7 7.1 1.2

*Stats are from the 2009-2010 Season

Third team
Name School Pos. Yr. Hometown PPG RPG APG
T.J. McConnell DUQ G Soph. Pittsburgh, Pa. 10.8 3.8 4.4
Carl Jones SJU G Jr. Garfield Heights, Ohio 17.0 2.6 3.4
Scootie Randall TU F Sr. Philadelphia, Pa. 10.7 4.7 1.4
Chris Braswell CHA F Jr. Capitol Heights, Md. 11.1 6.9 1.0
Derrio Green CHA G Sr. Panama City, Fla. 13.0 3.5 3.8

Name School Pos. Yr. Hometown PPG SPG BPG
C.J. Aiken SJU F Soph. Conshohocken, Pa. 7.4 0.4 3.5
Tu Holloway XU G Sr. Hempstead, N.Y. 19.7 1.4 0.1
Andrew Nicholson SBU F Sr. Mississauga, Ontario 20.8 0.5 1.5
T.J. McConnell DUQ G Soph. Pittsburgh, Pa. 10.8 2.8 0.2
Darrius Garrett UR F/C Sr. Raleigh, N.C. 1.9 0.1 1.6

Name School Pos. Yr. Hometown
Dezmine Wells XU G/F Fr. Raleigh, N.C.
Jerrell Wright LAS F Fr. Philadelphia, Pa.
Justin Martin XU F R-Fr. Indianapolis, Ind.
Cady LaLanne UM F Fr. Orlando, Fla.
Alonzo Nelson-Odada UR F Fr. Atlanta, Ga.
Anthony Lee TU F R-Fr. Columbia, Md.


Anonymous said...

Go Bonnies!!!!

Rboggs81 said...

Go Niners! They will be better than 11th, write it down!

Anonymous said...

Well looks like we've turned the corner. Come on let's sing "well we're moving on up to the 11th spot of the conference.".

Anonymous said...

Def not a UNC team or UNC coach.

Keep the pretend artifical contrived bogus loser name for the time being.

When you decide to be a winner then its OK to revert back and use the sacred UNC name but not before.

Careful for what you wish.

UNC______________ fill in blank

punkrockcowboy said...

We finished 13th last year. I'm pretty sure that adding, what is it, 3 talented freshmen, 2 players who couldn't play last year, and a juco will move us up more than 2 spots.

Anonymous said...

You may be sure, but I doubt you're pretty. I'm pulling for Charlotte, but I agree with that 11th is probaly about right.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte will finish between 4-8 in the A10 this season and be an NIT team.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Mediocrity! Goooooo, Niners, Go!

Anonymous said...

Celebrating better than 13th in a conference of 14. UNCC is big time!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And in other news, Chaz Bono is now a woman...again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:01, is this what you were looking for?

"UNC ___Walmart__ fill in blank".

That seems like it has your name written all over it. It is quite bewildering to comprehend why you "Carolina" fans that never finished high school think you are so great.

Anonymous said...

"The sacred UNC name"
Try being honorable before you aspire to being sacred. If anyone has trashed the UNC name lately, it's been the athletic dept at Chapel Hill. Try some less biased media outlets geared to folks with more than 3 brain cells. That is, if you have that many brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy "Late night with Roy" tonight. I'm certain it won't be your first late night with him.

Stankonya said...

dat bout rite steve go 49rs make stank prout

Anonymous said...

7:01 AM troll:


There's your sacred UNC.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Go Bonnies!!!!

8:09 PM

Yeah. Go to the Patriot League.

Anonymous said...

Those clothes you wear and that food you have been eating for years bought for by mommy was from Walmart.

Mommy used to buy all your diapers and milk from Walmart too. She still does. Maybe one day you can get a job there stocking shelves if you get your GED and get off her Walmart internet.

Anonymous said...

AGAIN, why is it that you are uneducated if you did not or do not attend the scholarly GIANT that is UNCC?

AGAIN, we are waiting.

Anonymous said...

AGAIN, your question has been dealt with already.
You remind me of a child wanting attention from his mommy. "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY, Look at this Mommy." Are you really that infantile? Your next post, which will be to say that I am lying, will be a lie.