Thursday, July 5, 2007

49ers tops in A-10 recruiting

There is plenty of quantity to the Charlotte 49ers' incoming men's basketball recruiting class, but at least one recruiting Web site likes the quality as well.

HoopScoop Online ranks Charlotte the top recruiting class in the Atlantic 10, followed closely by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Temple and Dayton. Charlotte was judged on six recruits who had an average 4.2 rating (out of 10). That was the second-highest average rating in the league behind Xavier's 5.5 rating for its two recruits.

Charlotte and Xavier tied for having the league's top recruit. 49ers recruit junior college star Charlie Coley, a 6-foot-7 wing/foward, received an 8 rating. Also receiving an 8 was Xavier's Charlie Bronson, a 6-9 center and junior college transfer.

The 49ers have three additional players beginning their first season of eligibility this year, who were not used in HoopScoop's ranking -- Pepperdine transfer Michael Gerrity, redshirt freshman Charles Dewhurst and center Phil Jones, who was declared ineligible by the NCAA last season.

Here is HoopScoop Online's ranking of the men's basketball recruiting classes in the A-10 (with number of new players rated):
Charlotte (6)
UMass (8)
Rhode Island (5)
Temple (5)
Dayton (4)
George Washington (5)
LaSalle (5)
Richmond (6)
Xavier (2)
St. Bonaventure (4)
Duquesne (2)
St. Joseph's (2)
Saint Louis (1)
Fordham (1)


Unknown said...

doesn't surprise me with the lack of media the A10 brings. Glad to see lutz has brought in a strong class. Now let's see what he does with it.

Anonymous said...

the updates regarding recruiting and the potential for much better things this season is exciting. However, the single source for all of the recruiting hype has been What do some of the other recruiting websites say about Charlotte's incoming class?

King Leonidas said...

Thanks for the update Jim. We lost some key personnel this past season, so let's hope that some of these guys can contribute immediately. We need Bobby in the position that he can work his magic again. I do think this team will be better defensively and that is Bobby's style play.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed the style of basketball that Lutz has coached up here in Michigan. Looking forward to be down here and seeing a few 49er games!