Monday, July 30, 2007

Niners get the boot

A growing number of Charlotte 49ers men's basketball players are starting to employ protective medical boots as part of their summer wear.

Add sophomore center Phil Jones and sophomore point guard DiJuan Harris to the list of 49ers players who have to spend time with a foot in the soft cast.

Jones, a 6-foot-10 center, has a stress reaction in his right foot. A stress reaction is a sports-related injury usually as a result of overuse which can eventually lead to a fracture.

Harris' right foot is also in a boot. He has a possible stress fracture in the area under his toes. He is scheduled to have a magnetic resonance imaging test on Tuesday. Neither injury is considered serious.

Both were assisting in coach Bobby Lutz's basketball camp Monday at Halton Arena, along with several other current former 49ers players.

Redshirt freshman forward Charles Dewhurst spent most of last season in protective medical boot as a result of a high ankle sprain. He wore it for about a week again this summer, when he slightly sprained the same ankle.


Anonymous said...

The boot is where the bacon salt is inserted into their systems intravenously.