Sunday, March 2, 2008

Q&A with recruit Shamarr Bowden

Charlotte basketball recruit Shamarr Bowden wrapped up his high school career this weekend at The Miller School in Charlottesville, Va., and plans to enroll at Charlotte in time to attend both summer school sessions this year. Bowden agreed to answer some questions I gathered from members of Niner Nation. Here are his answers:
1. What attracted you to Charlotte?
Their style of play, the way the guys on the team work together and how coach Lutz allows his guards to have freedom and make decisions on the court. They also run a lot of quick hitters, which fits my style of play and they play a tough nonconference schedule and are rising as a program. I also admire the coaching staff for being a family for the guys on the team and helping them outside of basketball. They are very family-oriented.
2. What are your goals for your collegiate career and possibly beyond?
I want to make a NCAA appearance next year, win the conference and hopefully advance in the tournament. As far as my goals, I would like to make all-conference as a freshman, and play professional basketball after Charlotte, possibly for the Bobcats or overseas.
3. What are your expectations for next season?
I expect for us to play together, have a winning record, win the conference, beat some highly ranked teams in the country and get a bid to the NCAA tournament.
4. What do you feel is the best and worst part of your game?
I feel the best part of my game is my ability to shoot outside as well as being able to create off the dribble and create open shots for my teammates. I don’t believe I have a worse part, but I do believe I need to work on strengthening my legs, body and my vertical jump.
5. Tell us a little about how your final high school season ended.
We had a good season, we were 24-4, undefeated in the conference, conference champs, conference tournament champs, we made it to the state final and came up short. They put a box-and-one on me in the championship game, which made it hard for the other guys on our team and it ended up being a tough loss. I ended up making first team all-conference, first team all-state and all tournament team for the state tournament. The season didn’t end how I expected it to, but now I have to prepare in the spring for Charlotte. I’ll be attending both summer school sessions, where I can work out everyday and prepare to achieve all the goals I have in mind for this upcoming year.


Jon said...

I welcome your winning spirit. Someone needs to help Ian fill in for Lee. Is it just me, it looks like we are 7th but two teams above us have to play each other and another two have to play Xavier... we need to do our part and win out, but we could be sitting with a first round bye still. Am I a dreamer?

Anonymous said...

Being a dreamer is what being a 49er fan is all about !!! All the "what ifs" and whats to come "next year"!!! We need to win out and have a couple tournament wins to even make the NIT. As a Niner fan, I can't wait unitl next year. With what we have here and adding Shamarr and you know with 2 scholarships left we'll andd two more Juco's.......we should have the best year since Eddie Basden left !

Anonymous said...

"I've never been to a tournament and not won at least two games." - DeAngelo Alexander

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shamarr. Of all the numbers about you -- an all are very positive -- what I like best is 24-4! Keep the winning edge here.