Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sources: Lutz contract extension all but done

You likely aren't going to hear much about any contract extension for Charlotte 49ers coach Bobby Lutz before the 49ers begin play next week in the Atlantic 10 Conference tournament in Atlantic City, N.J.

That is not because work isn't being done.

In fact, all the work is about done, but according to several sources, some unforeseen circumstances have prevented the process from being completed by early March, which was everyone's goal.

And just to be clear, Charlotte's stellar performance over the final two weeks of the season - including the 10-point win Saturday at Rhode Island - played no role in the final outcome. The discussions regarding the contract began long before much of the final third of the regular season played out.

That's not to say the whole thing is a done deal, either. But for now, there do not appear to be any significant roadblocks ahead that would prevent Lutz completing an extension that will keep him with the 49ers for the foreseeable future.


ch49r said...

Great news. Bobby is a class guy. Great freshman class means the future looks bright!!

Anonymous said...

Good for Bobby. Better for us and the team returning next year.

On Lutz Live he said they would travel to Canada in early-September (maybe it was late-August) to play a tour. That means the returning guys can practice together for a long period and play games against outside competition.

That really helped Davidson, although they enjoyed Italy vs. Canada!

It will be better for Dewhurst, Phil, Anj'Juan and especially Mike to play together and get ready for the 2008-09 season. And, for Lamont and Charlie to take leadership roles with the loss of Leemire.

IMO, even though newcomers like Shamarr and whoever else we sign won't be able to play, it will help us in a big way.

Anonymous said...

I am ALL IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Never have understood why my Alma mater wants to contiue with the status quo. Are we happy to be mediocre?

If we are truly lookink at football we need to step up and make this program a true mid-major. Right now Davidson and Winthrop both have better programs. And until this year both had better coaches.

Bobby is a great guy. He is NOT the guy to yake this program to the next level. There may be the occasional conference championship but overall, just an adequate program, nothing special.

Anonymous said...

You 49er "Fans" always amuse me.

Davidson and Winthrop have better programs? They play in weaker conferences. Yeah, Davidson made a lot of noise early, but what did they really accomplish.

The fact that Bobby has gotten a team this young to play well is a great job.

How about the 49er Fans? I was at the last game and although the listed attendance was 5400, there were less than 3,000 in the building for Sr. Night. The student body of 20,000 filled only three lower sections.

I've been a fan and followed the program since the late 70's. To think you're entitled to a program that is better than what you have is a joke.
Mullins and Lutz have build a great winning tradition and you have a lot to look forward with the youngsters and Lutz at the helm

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what Davidson accomplished. The played UNC, UCLA and Duke. They played each of those schools better than most of the teams in the prespective schools conference.

All of this while UNCC was losing to a 7-24 Monmouth team.

UNCC would be lucky to finish above 500 in either SoCon or Big South.

Anonymous said...

The A10 is a much stonger conference than the SoCon and Charlotte finished 9-7 in A10 play this year. If they played in the SoCon they would beat everyone more often than not, including Davidson. Its great that Davidson played UNC, UCLA, and Duke but they were beaten every time.

Coach Lutz has done a great job this season maximizing the talent of these young guys. The 49ers were predicted to have a losing record and get no post season tourney. NIT is close to a lock and NCAA isn't out of the question. The team is definitely on the upswing

Anonymous said...

Good news to hear Bobby will be around for more seasons. I don't think we can get a better coach who would care more about the school and the program. I do think he needs to change it up more when the 3 pointer is not falling.

Your Davidson/Southern Conference argument makes no sense at all. Charlotte won the head to head meeting 75-68. The conference RPIs tell the story:

7. Atlantic 10
21. Southern
27. Big South

Davidson's RPI is 40, then the next Southern team is UNC Greensboro at 141. The Southern is a one team league. Charlotte would go undefeated in the Southern most seasons in your spot. The A-10 has 7 teams in the top 100.

Congrats on playing a few tough teams but you lost each time.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what Davidson accomplished. The played UNC, UCLA and Duke.


Anonymous said...

Anybody who follows Charlotte knows students have been on spring break since last weekend... DUH. Poser fans get lost!

Anonymous said...

4 more years of mediocore basketball

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's really hard to fill the on-campus arena when all of the students are on vacation. Also, the senior night game was 2 p.m. on a Sunday. That's not prime college basketball time. Charlotte 49er games are the best entertainment bargain in the city. Oh, and for all you ACC fans, we are 2 and 2 against you this year. And if Duke or UNC would play us, I guarantee a close game. My favorite college basketball team is the Charlotte 49ers and whoever is playing UNC-CH.

Jon said...

Seriously, Davidson & Winthrop, I give them their due, but they are barely even mid-majors (Tony Meja defines that as a conference RPI between 10-20). We have the best non-ACC basketball program in the Carolinas. It takes a long time to build a winning program like Duke and Carolina. Davidson and Winthrop are big fish in a very very small pond, so why make that comparison? There are years when we have the 3rd or 4th best team in the Carolinas, we compete with and BEAT ACC schools. Take your shoes off Bobby and get comfy, you should stay a while.

Anonymous said...

As I posted earlier, your fan base was weak on Sunday. Students on spring break is no excuse. For a commuter school with 20,000 students, more than 300 should have shown up. And what about the season ticket holders, were they on Spring Break as well Thursday night?

Again, Bobby does a great job for you and you have a winning program.
But, you are not entitled to an elite program

Your game management is weak as well. First, give the pep band some time and quit piping in the hip hop like it's a Bobcats game.

Second, you have one person who keeps track of the Three O Meter. It was wrong the entire game. The home team made 10 3's, but the meter only showed 8. How about reconciling with the stat sheet.

Maybe Bobby deserves better than Charlotte can offer instead of vice versa.

Justin Ritchie said...

Charlotte is playing its best basketball of the year right now. Even better than when it beat Clemson and Wake, and finished with a .500 record against the ACC. A 9-7 A10 record is better than most of the ACC teams could manage against the same competition the Niners faced in conference play. Go Niners! Beat URI! (again)

Anonymous said...

I hope its a short & cheap one.

Anonymous said...

Don't count them out yet. They finished the season strong and have the potential to win the A-10 tournament. I am not the biggesdt fan of the 4-out, 1-in offense, but it has brought us success in the past. Hopefully, it will again in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Davidson and Winthrop suck butt. How you like that!!!Go Niners!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bob McKillop is such a great coach he's been at Davidson for 20-plus years. That speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Great news for all 49er fans. Lutz is first class in every way.

And kudos to you 49ers still on campus. In the almost 10 years since I was drawing my free student tickets, you've really helped make Halton a home for his squads. Keep it up.

Jim - I hope the Observer is tracking your page views. I log on twice a week from afar (South Florida) just to get the inside scoop from you. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sure Lutz is a class guy but bring in someone who can put UNCC on the map. Davidson and its program, Winthrop and its program, Duke and its program, UNC and its program, and occasionally Wake and its program. All schools we put NC on the map NOT LUTZ!

Anonymous said...

His house is still for sale...

Anonymous said...

For Sale, sure. Maybe it's an investment he wants to flip.

Anyone who thinks Winthrop and Davidson are on the map compared to Charlotte hasn't paid attention the last decade. Winthrop and Davidson are "nice little stories." We are expected to do more.

We will DRILL Winthrop next year at Halton. I know the Davidson game at their place will be an odeal. It all comes down to Curry.

I like expectations.

Anonymous said...

Yeah because any coach who would "put UNCC on the map" would stick around to see it ... NOT.

Unknown said...

if davidson is so great. how come CHARLOTTE has a 26-10 lifetime record against you. Davidson fans have no room to talk when it comes to Charlotte basketball.

Since McKillop has been the head coach at Davidson College Davidson's record 6-17 versus charlotte. Doesn't exactly scream amazing coaching abilities. Good thing you are in the SoCon because his mediocrity would have him fired if he were in any of the Top 10 conferences. just saying...

Anonymous said...

The admissions process at Davidson makes UNCC look like a Community College. The starting 5 at Charlotte College in Harrisburg could put together their SAT scores and still fail to qualify for admission at Davidson.

But listen plowboys, if you are happy with the leprechaun, so be it.

Let's compare the past five years of student athletes. I imagine
49er grads are making 50% less than Davidson grads.

As for McKillop, he has turned down better jobs than South Alabama.

Anway, we will welcome the "Mean Green" support during the NCAA dance. I feel sure Winthrop feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

Pulling out the adademic argument, now that is LAME ... and please list ONE job Bob McKillop has turned down. Just ONE.

Anonymous said...

NC State (after being turned down by many) offered McKillop the State job without even interviewing him.

But listen, Lutz is a hot commodity. I hear ECU is interested. Oooooooh.

Last year South Alabama, this year ECU. Now that is the signs of a HOT coach.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... NC State never offered McKillop the job - he hasn't been offered any jobs. Keep grasping at straws. Nice job beatig a 14-18 team to win the conference tournament title.. What a joke.

Unknown said...

Here is a good argument to start up. Brought up on

What is Davidson's record against RPI top 100 teams. Need hints...?

Davidson is 0-5 against top 100 teams this season. THEY REALLLLLLLLLLY deserve a chance to play in the post season.

Charlotte on the other hand is 7-6. Biggggg difference.

It is like comparing a high school team who plays in a high school gym to a decent college team that plays in a nice collegiate gym.

When your school has to stop hiring local area high school marching bands and cheerleaders to perform at your games maybe then you could boast about your sports programs.

Anonymous said...