Monday, July 21, 2008

Charlotte strength coach featured in Q&A

The Charlotte 49ers's strength and conditioning coach Preston Greene is generally the first person on staff new student athletes get to meet - and sometimes dread - when they arrive on campus.

Greene is a protege of Canadian strength training coach, Charles Poliquin, who has trained many world class athletes including Olympic Gold medal sprinter Donovan Bailey, the NFL's David Boston, and the NHL's Chris Pronger, among others.

An interview with Greene and his use of Poliquin's methods and his work in collegiate athletics is currently featured on Poliquin's Web site, The Q&A with Greene is located at

Poliquin, an Ottawa native, has trained Olympic medalists in 12 sports and holds a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a master's in exercise physiology. Poliquin has written nine books and more than 600 articles and his work is published extensively in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he wrote those Under Armor commercials I saw last night 100 times whilst watching the ESPY's. He's who I thought of immediatley. "Coach Dread". "Corndread Green"!