Monday, July 21, 2008

Goldwire plays with the Jazz

Recent Charlotte 49ers graduate Leemire Goldwire, who led the team in scoring last season, is playing in the annual Rocky Mountain Revue with the NBA's Utah Jazz this month.

The Revue, hosted by the Jazz, is one of the NBA's summer leagues and started in 1984. This season eight teams are participating - Utah, an NBA D-League Ambassadors team, San Antonio, New Jersey, Golden State, Dallas, Atlanta and the Iranian National Team.

Goldwire is one of eight guards on the team and all but one would be NBA rookies. So far, Utah is 0-3 in the Revue, which concludes on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Go Lee go! Long shot for sure, which actually IS his game. Dos anyone have stats on his play to date?

Unknown said...

Lee could play somewhere, europe. nba develope leauge . he has heart. can play and be better than more gifted players. curt