Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FSL reservations reach 4,703

At the close of business on Monday, the Charlotte 49ers had received reservations for 4,703 Forty-Niner Seat Licenses (FSLs). At a price of $1,000 each, that could translate into more than $4.7 million for the creation of a football program.

At this time, no money is being accepted by the ticket office. The 49ers will begin collecting money in January. Final approval to begin raising money for a football program came from the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees last week. The recommendation of the school's chancellor, Dr. Philip Dubois, calls for the sale of 5,000 FSLs within six months of the board's approval.

Interested fans and corporations can add their names to the reservation list by calling the 49ers ticket office at (704) 687-4949 or the 49ers Athletic Foundation at (704) 687-4950.


Jon said...

Time for basketball coverage. We are now 1-2 and it looks like the roof is caving in on us. Did I have unusually high expectations in thinking we would be 3-0 heading into the Clemson game? When did we stop shooting threes and start shooting free throws? Who is the leader of this team, it looks like LM but he cannot stay on the floor enough to lead, nor can he hit a shot. I thought this would be a banner year, you know, without the NIT logo. I am not sending alarms up yet, but the outlook is bleak.