Friday, November 21, 2008

Niners selected for 2009 preseason NIT

The Charlotte 49ers men's basketball team has been selected to participate in next season's National Invitation Tournament Season Tip-Off Tournament, formerly known as the Preseason NIT.

Charlotte athletics director Judy Rose confirmed the 49ers had accepted the invitation. Under the tournament's new format each school is guaranteed a minimum of four games over the course of consecutive weeks.

Next season will be the 49ers' first appearance in the preseason tournament. No opponents or game locations have yet been announced.

Under the current format, there are four regional on-campus sites that each produce a regional winner that advances to the final four in New York City. The remaining 12 teams play third and fourth-round games on the home campus sites of the three highest remaining seeds.

Participating teams do not play any team twice, and third and fourth rounds are assigned to the most geographically compatible site possible.

For example, this season Davidson played in the Oklahoma regional of the tournament. After going 1-1 and losing to the Sooners, the Wildcats are now hosting three other teams in third and fourth round games Monday and Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Great news. Jim, can you please include ticket information for the Clemson game like Davidson just got for their 2 upcoming games?

Justin Ritchie said...

Awesome, now we'll have an excuse to snub Davidson when they suck next year.

Jon said...

I used to love rooting for Davidson when not playing us, now I just love to hate them. They are like Duke, but without the resume to back them up.

Anonymous said...

49ers are garbage.