Friday, February 13, 2009

On tap: Charlotte vs. George Washington

As remarkable as it may sound, it is still possible - maybe even a better-than-average shot - the Charlotte 49ers could finish the Atlantic 10 season with a .500 or better league record. Including Saturday afternoon's homecoming game with George Washington, Charlotte (8-15, 2-6) has seven conference games remaining. Of those seven, four are at home and six are against teams (G.W., Richmond and Fordham) currently ranked at or near the bottom of the league standings. The only exception is Thursday night's home game with Xavier.

The Colonials, like the 49ers, have struggled this season, and some of their problems have been self-inflicted. For instance, in GW's 68-57 home loss to La Salle last weekend, the Colonials committed 16 turnovers and were called for two technical fouls. GW is 2-7 on the road this season while Charlotte is 6-5 at home. The Colonials, however, have won three of the last four meetings at Halton Arena.


--The Charlotte 49ers invite the public to a baseball open house Saturday as part of homecoming activities. The team concludes its preseason practice schedule with scrimmages Saturday at noon and Sunday at 1 p.m. Fans can get on the field during batting practice as well as tour the press box and hospitality suites.


Anonymous said...

Are we so far off the radar with The Observer that we get a paragraph on Homecoming when we are retiring Eddie Basden's jersey and there is a huge story on the insane possibility that "Jesus" Curry could score 100 points?
What in the Good Lord's name is the editorial staff thinking? Seriously. Is there a level of "dumbness" that has to be attained to decide what goes in and what doesn't?
As bad as the 49ers are this season -- and injuries are a part of it, but not the entire reason since recruiting is questionable and always a crap-shoot -- we could easily be in contention for the SoCon top two in either Division and maybe Davidson would remember to schedule us. - MC

Anonymous said...

By the way, you duped me since I was so angry at what I read or did NOT read today. Eddie's jersey is being retired on Thursday against Xavier. Lindsay Ozimek's soccer jersey is being retired today. Maybe she could score 100 goals in a freaking game! -- MC