Monday, November 30, 2009

Wilderness should return for Louisville game

Charlotte 49ers junior forward An'Juan Wilderness, who has missed the first five games of the season due to a calf injury, should be able to play in Saturday's game at Louisville, team officials confirmed.

While the 49ers are off to a 4-1 start, the have missed Wilderness, who has been one of Charlotte's top defenders since he arrived.

"An'Juan provides a toughness and an experienced level that we miss and some of it may be an intangible," said 49ers coach Bobby Lutz. "But at both ends he's a physically imposing player.

"Other guys have done well, but An'Juan is just a little bit different player. He'll get a tough rebound, he makes all those types of plays routinely that some guys try to make but can't make."


sreniN said...
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sreniN said...

Our defense has suffered without him. It will be great to have him back. This team could give UL a run for their 18th ranked money.

Josh said...

Yes! Back just in time! He will be active in practice this week I assume? His defense is great and he will add more to our fangled post presence. Go Niners!

Jim said...

Man I wouldn't let him play at all. We are doing good right now and he will come in their and turn the ball over and miss free throws like he did last year when he lost us the game against Clemson. Please dont let him play Coach, he can be a bench player. Dont let a main contributor of our 11-20 team get any substantial playing time! the only reason we are doing so well this year is because we have NEW players.

Anonymous said...

Geez Jim Dont you know other opposing coaches read these blogs! Now you are giving them an advantage!