Monday, March 22, 2010

Green needs rest for tendon injury

Charlotte 49ers sophomore shooting guard Derrio Green has been diagnosed with tendinopathy, which is inflammation and micro tears, and scar tissue in his knee. He will need at least four weeks rest but will not require surgery.

Green had a magnetic resonance imagery test done last week after complaining of discomfort. Green was the second leading scorer this season, averaging 13.1 points a game. He was also second on the team in assists with 72.


Anonymous said...

Charlotte search for basketball coach. U R Kidding Right! Is this the best the Charlotte Observer sports department can do? You going to mock a good man like Dave Odom. If this were to happen several things would immediately become obvious. (1) Judy Rose and the University of Charlotte are worse administrators than we thought. (2) They fired Bobby Lutz without having approached his replacement in advance “dumb”. (3) They had someone in mind and he turned them down “dumb”. (4) If Dave Odom was their first choice they could have hired him the same day they fired Lutz”Why wait a week”. (5) This is about 9 years too late. (6) At best this is a band aid approach with no vision. OK Rose show your colors!

Anonymous said...

Take Option No. 2