Monday, April 19, 2010

Major completes 49ers basketball staff

It appears new Charlotte 49ers men's basketball coach Alan Major has completed his staff.

The Buffalo (NY) News reported Monday Canisius assistant coach Desmond Oliver was joining Major's new staff at Charlotte. Oliver just completed his first season at Canisius. He spent the previous five seasons at Georgia.

Oliver joins former Virginia Tech assistant coach Ryan Odom and former Boston University associate head coach Orlando Vandross on Major's staff. Major retained director of basketball operations Rob Perron.

Oliver has extensive experience in the Atlantic 10 having also served as an assistant at Rhode Island and St. Bonaventure. He also served as an assistant at Texas A&M and Niagara.


Anonymous said...

what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Complete joke. No UNC Charlote alumnus on teh staff for the first time since Melvin Watkins was hired!

Anonymous said...

No Charlotte alumnus? SO WHAT! The school is looking to win, not give handouts to former Charlotte grads. The staff they put together has the experience to recruit, coach, and most importantly win. I support Majors hires and I expect them to do a good job.

Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

No alums? Maybe they'll win now!!

Anonymous said...

F U !!!!!!!

Did any of these bastards go to UNCC? Hell NO !!!

Yea even Watkins would have coached. Hell he is just a scrub coach in SL now anyway

This lowly piece of trash scrub assist coach has hired a staff of worse scrubs from "up there" . Where else?

Justin Ritchie said...

These comments are worthless. Are you guys serious? Major's staff has some serious talent and will mold our guys into a winning team. Chill out. We'll be a perennial top 3 A10 team in no time.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Gold Mine Justin. This is the case with the comments on every single basketball story posted here. It is actually quite shocking that nobody has pulled the "community college" card yet, that automatically makes these comments more civilized than 90% of the comment sections here.

You can look at Major and his staff with green tinted glasses, or you can look at it the opposite way. No matter which view you take, it doesn't matter. Wins and losses will prove if the school made a good decision bringing in Major. No amount of rallying from either side is going to matter at this point considering Major is seven months away from coaching his first game.

Anonymous said...

Look at the 49ers fans still whining because they didn't get Buzz Peterson LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Great Hire!! As a longtime season ticket holder and Charlotte grad I am very excited about Coach Major and his staff and can't wait to see all the great things they will do at Charlotte. It is a shame this comment section has to be polluted with so many idiots.

Anonymous said...

4:28 P.M.

Wake Forest can have buzz. We can do way better than that.

Go Niners

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